Wasser Corporation has established itself as an industry leader in advanced coatings technology with innovative moisture-cure urethane and polyurea products that have provided superior corrosion protection to iconic American and international structures.

Wasser products provide superior corrosion protection while employing traditional application methods and proven solutions; from high-chemical resistance for the wastewater and petrochemical industries, to the extra high-flexibility required for coating pipelines in extreme weather.

Wasser manufactures a full line of high-performance industrial maintenance coatings that provide unprecedented levels of protection.

Our state-of-the-art product line, proven solutions and expertise enable superior, compliant solutions to your coating needs.

Wasser's founding objective: create proven systems to protect bridges and highways. We have since exceeded our goals, creating innovative coating systems that withstand challenging environments where conventional coating systems fail.
With marine and port facilities perpetually at dew point, Wasser developed advanced technology moisture-cure products to excel in variable moisture so that no time is lost due to temperature restraints.
Water tanks: Wasser's industrial-strength Polyflex linings exhibit outstanding versatility in use and provide superior seamless protection for potable water. Polyflex PW is NSF61 APPROVED with ZERO VOCs.
Wasser out-performs the competition in water and wastewater. Our extra-durable products work in challenging environments enabling winter service, when demand is lowest, giving you the least amount of down time.
Oil and gas / offshore facilities: Wasser products offer a broader environmentally compatible application capability and protection against corrosion and erosion, curing so fast, your return-to-service will be astoundingly swift.
Product innovations designed and engineered by a superior team of specialists developing solutions to suit exacting customer requirements. Wasser's objective is to comprehend and anticipate our customers' needs while providing the optimal product.

Industrial maintenance coatings

Wasser® manufactures a full-line of high-performance industrial maintenance coatings.

Our coatings are designed for consistent and durable protection for surfaces such as steel, ductile iron and concrete.

Wasser’s advanced technology coatings provide corrosion protection where liquid, vapors, chemicals or abrasives are present; this could be as a lining, containment, barrier protecting substrate, or in atmospheric service.

Moisture-cure polyurethane

As the leader in moisture-cure coatings technology, we possess one of the broadest product offerings, reliable product lines and an industry-leading, proven track record.

Our advanced technology moisture-cure polyurethane can be applied in extreme environmental conditions, expanding the ‘application window’, while reducing operational costs. Features include:

  • Single-component: no mixing, easy-to-use, quicker-to-apply
  • Corrosion-resistant pigments (cathodic protection)
  • Primers and intermediates: aromatic resins; topcoats: aliphatic resins
  • Lowest VOC levels in the industry

Polyurea linings

Exhibiting outstanding versatility in use, Polyflex® linings provide superior seamless protection; in fact, our Polyflex PW for potable water is NSF61 APPROVED.

Polyflex also provides superior corrosion protection and outstanding abrasion resistance with zero VOCs. Benefits include:

  • No VOCs
  • Weather tolerant: cures at -25ºF to >300ºF even in high humidity
  • Resistant to various solvents, caustics and mild acids
  • Low permeability, excellent sustainability
  • Available in a wide range of colors

Applications for advanced coatings

The Wasser team puts advanced coatings technologies to work, offering our customers focused and proven solutions in sectors including:

  • Bridge and highway
  • Water and wastewater
  • Marine and port facilities
  • Oil and gas / offshore facilities
  • Mining and minerals
  • Pulp and paper
  • Power generation

Wasser® moisture-cure urethane coatings and Polyflex® polyurea linings have become world-leading products of choice for facility owners, engineers and applicators alike.

Customer service

Wasser is a full-service, industrial coatings and linings provider that employs a superior team of specialists to design and develop solutions to suit exacting customer requirements.

Our objective is to anticipate and comprehend our customers’ needs while providing the optimal coating system.

Working closely with the engineering, construction and scientific communities, we develop appropriate and cost-effective solutions to your coating needs.

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