Arc Controls

Arc Controls produces a variety of specialist machinery and offers repair services to industry-related customers.

All products and repairs are completed in accordance with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the National Board Inspection Code, American Bureau of Shipping and the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Custom specialized machinery

Arc Controls manufactures a range of specialized machinery for corporate and governmental clients worldwide. Whether it is for the dive industry or petrochemical applications, we can provide customizable solutions according to a customer’s needs and requirements.

Arc Controls offers in-house and on-site services, as well as ASME code repairs.
We have worked on large heat exchangers, offshore crane pedestals and retort doors/sealing surfaces.
Arc Controls manufactures a number of ASME/PVHO, ABS and DNV classed vessels for the dive industry.
Arc Controls has experience in manufacturing heat exchangers in a variety of different materials.
Every custom pressure vessel is calculated, assembled, tested and guaranteed to conform to ASME Division I, Section VIII standards.

Products include:

  • Process and storage tanks
  • Battery boxes
  • Guide weights
  • SDC umbilical cutters and main SDC wire release mechanisms
  • Heat exchanges
  • Processing systems

Pressure vessels

All customized pressure vessels produced by Arc Controls are assembled, tested and guaranteed to conform to ASME Division I, Section VIII standards.

In addition to ammonia tanks, highly polished chemical/pharmachemical vessels and US Department of Energy nuclear service vessels, we also specialize in pressure vessels for human occupancy (PVHO), which can be ABS or DNV classed, as well as ASME PVHO classified.

In-house and on-site services

Arc Controls offers a number of industry-related services, such as installation and repairs. These can be performed on-site across the US and overseas or out of our facility in Mobile, Alabama.

About Arc Controls

Arc Controls was founded in 1975 and started as a specialist welding company. Since then, we have evolved into a general industrial manufacturer. For almost 40 years, corporate and governmental clients have come to us to fulfill their specific job requirements.

In 2010, Arc Controls became the first US Gulf Coast manufacturer to receive approval and certification from Det Norske Veritas.