Using our extensive experience in welding various high-alloy materials since 1975, Arc Controls has specialized in producing heat transfer solutions, as well as exchangers in a variety of materials.

Catering to our clients’ specific specifications, Arc Controls offer exchangers in nickel alloys, chrome moly alloys and stainless steel, in addition to explosion-bond alloy clad and weld-overlay alloy clad tube sheets.

We also perform:

  • Tube replacement and upgrades
  • Temporary plugging
  • Heat exchanger repairs
  • Restoration of sealing surfaces, on-site machining and welding
  • Equipment renovation

We offer:

  • Customizable and cost-effective solutions
  • More than 21 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing heat exchanger and condenser units, special designs, high-pressure conditions or unusual requirements
  • Shell and tube-style heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, industrial feedwater heaters and reboilers
  • Re-tubing of titanium and zirconium heat exchangers
  • TEMA tube-to-tubesheet, U-tube, fin tube construction