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Marine Engineering Solutions for the Oil and Gas Sector

Complete Fabrication Services (Offshore Engineering) Ltd (CFS) specialises in the provision of high-quality design, fabrication and installation services for the marine industry.

Unit 9, Wagonway Industrial Estate,
NE31 1SP,
Tyne and Wear,
United Kingdom

Complete Fabrication Services (Offshore Engineering) Ltd (CFS) specialises in the provision of high-quality design, fabrication and installation services for the marine industry.

Our qualified engineers are able to assist clients with a wide range of bespoke solutions to address their individual requirements, as well as management and support services throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Manufacturing and welding services for offshore applications

CFS is a leading provider of specialist fabrication solutions for the offshore sector using a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

We possess an extensive manufacturing site alongside the River Tyne, which allows our engineers easy access to vessels berthed on the river and enables us to take advantage of advanced, 10t-capacity overhead lifting facilities.

Complete Fabrication Services (Offshore Engineering) Ltd (CFS) is an industry leader in the supply of offshore manufacturing solutions, possessing a team of qualified engineers and an extensive fabrication facility on the River Tyne.
Our welding personnel are all fully qualified to BSEN, AWS and ASME IX standards to ensure clients receive consistently high-quality results.
Our vessel mobilisation solutions are tailored to address customers’ unique operational needs and are overseen by a single dedicated team member to ensure a reliable, personalised service.
CFS exclusively employs accredited safety passport holders for all its offshore installation operations, who ensure all method statement and risk assessment considerations are applied throughout the work scheme.
We offer professional relocation and installation services for an extensive range of marine laboratory equipment, including ABBAS, Fumetec and third-party products.

Our welding capabilities include comprise all the latest cutting-edge techniques, including metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and manual metal arc (MMA) process. All welding staff are approved to ASME IX, AWS and BSEN standards.

We can also provide customised non-destructive testing (NDT) services, general fabrication, on-board repairs and accommodation HVAC solutions upon request.

All CFS’s operations are controlled by rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) systems to ensure all activities are carried out in accordance with the latest industry quality standards and safety regulations.

Comprehensive fabrication solutions for marine projects

CFS runs a specialised division dedicated to planning and delivering offshore fabrication projects, which has substantial experience in manufacturing, installation, decommissioning and machining activities for the oil and gas sector.

Our results-driven project management system ensures that each individual operation is overseen by one of our qualified project managers, allowing every aspect of the development to be meticulously monitored, from procurement and logistics to HSE and risk assessment.

Our management staff are further supported by a knowledgeable team of expert fabrication engineers to facilitate smooth, cost-effective and efficient operations throughout the project lifecycle.

Turnkey vessel mobilisation services for marine operators

CFS is able to provide a wide range of expert vessel mobilisation and demobilisation services that are fully compliant with the latest industry safety requirements. We place an emphasis on attaining optimum results with short lead-times, while paying careful attention to projects’ unique logistical and budgetary considerations.

Our highly experienced and qualified personnel possess extensive experience working with subsea installation companies and vessel owners within the offshore industry, allowing them to effective manage operations in real-time and quickly adapt to any sudden changes in clients’ schedules or project specifications.

CFS’s turnkey vessel mobilisation services can be customised during the pre-project consultancy stage to suit customers’ own operational needs, ranging from initial vessel selection assessment to load and non-destructive testing procedures. The same team member is responsible for overseeing the entire operation to ensure consistent communication and auditability, from planning through to installation.

Our processes are constantly undergoing internal re-assessment and improvement to ensure clients receive the highest quality results possible.

Repair and installation solutions for offshore equipment

CFS is able to conduct a wide portfolio of marine installation operations, including service, full, plant relocation and equipment relocation installations.

Our dedicated team regularly provides installation services relating to our own products, as well as for clients’ existing or third-party equipment.

All our engineers are qualified safety passport holders and work in strict accordance with method statement and risk assessment requirements, ensuring that all activities are carefully planned before they begin and are conducted according to specifications.

In addition, CFS is an approved distributor of versatile, high-quality ASSAB laboratory furniture, and the company provides an extensive range of design and installation services for the industry-leading, UK-based brand.

We are also able to carry out the installation of ISO 9001-registered Fumetec equipment, with all operations conducted in accordance with the latest UK regulations and safety standards.

About Complete Fabrication Services (Offshore Engineering) Ltd

Complete Fabrication Services (Offshore Engineering) Ltd is a UK-based company that employs highly trained craftsmen and utilises the latest technology to offer its customers consistently reliable, premium-quality solutions for offshore sector applications.

We are committed to delivering a full range of bespoke fabricated and sheet metal products with prompt customer service and competitive prices to ensure customers receive the best possible solution for their needs.

We fabricate our products using stainless-steel, mild steel and aluminium, while employing the latest cutting-edge forming and welding process to guarantee robust and long-lasting results.

We are also able to provide a full turnkey installation service where required to facilitate the optimum performance of our products.

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Complete Fabrication Services (Offshore Engineering) Ltd
Unit 9, Wagonway Industrial Estate
NE31 1SP
Tyne and Wear
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