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Metal Components, Design and Assembly

With over 60 years of experience, Expom is a leading manufacturer in the metal industry, specialising in the production parts, assemblies and components for the marine, machinery, energy, mining and construction industries, amongst others. Foreign client orders account for almost 100% of production conducted. Expom products reach companies in Europe, Asia and the US.

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Expom provides products and services to the metal, onshore, marine, offshore and power industries.

The company supplies 3D modelling, minimum efficient scale (MES) calculation, hydraulic and electric outfit, static and dynamic tests, and full certification from leading organisations, including DNV, BV, ABS, PRS, LR and GL.

Offshore and marine industrial applications

Expom performs a variety of applications worldwide, including:

Expom manufactures metal component parts for the offshore, marine, machinery, energy and construction industries.
Expom’s main areas of expertise are in the marine, machinery and renewable energy industries.
Products manufactured by Expom include davits, cranes, furnace superstructures and components for hoisting gear.
Expom can carry out 3D modelling and FEM calculations, and uses CAD tools for 2D and 3D models, FEM strength analysis and performance simulation.
Expom manufactures low-voltage (230V, 400V, 690V) electric systems.
Expom manufactures products for the power engineering and mining industries.
Expom manufactures power hydraulic systems for hydraulic drives in marine and offshore hoisting devices.
  • Offshore and marine:
    • Heavy marine cranes for rigging platforms
    • Rescue boat davits, rotating davits for offshore wind farms
  • Engineering:
    • Bearing structures for large stators, motors, generators and wind power generators
    • Furnaces and heat exchangers for large biomass power houses
    • Equipment for cutting and bending pipelines
    • Tools and equipment for searching and extraction of shale gas
  • Welded construction and machinery:
    • Large structures
    • Steel structures, equipped with electrical and hydraulic systems
    • Elements of excavators and land drilling machines
    • Pressure vessels
  • Outfitting:
    • Outfitting structures with work-controlling electrical, electronic, hydraulic and wireless systems
  • Lifting:
    • Hoists used on seas worldwide
    • Rescue boat davits of compact design
    • Rotating davits for wind power platforms

3D modelling and MES calculations

Using state-of-the-art equipment and software, Expom prepares designs covering mechanical, electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and automatic applications.

Expom’s design services include:

  • 2D documentation (DWG, DXF, PDF and other)
  • 3D models in Creo Elements, Solid Works and AutoCad standards. All elements designed in the parametric manner
  • Machine operation simulation: the company prepares visualisations and animations of units
  • MES endurance analysis: testing stresses and deflections, bulking analysis and shape optimisation
  • Models in study are subject to both static and dynamic loads, also taking transitory effects or inertia into account

Low-voltage electrical systems

Expom manufactures and assembles low-voltage systems (230V, 400V, 690V) for marine, offshore, explosion-proof, anti-interference screened and military environments.

The company also installs electrical systems in lifting equipment, rescue-boat davits, loading cranes, offshore structures and containers.

Expom’s functionality is tested for compliance with electrical standards and then entire units are tested according to an acceptance procedure of a marine classifying association (DNV, ABS, BV, RMRS).

Each electrical system produced by Expom is delivered to the client with complete quality and acceptance documentation.

Onshore and offshore hydraulic systems

Expom manufactures power hydraulic systems for onshore and offshore lifting equipment. Each system is provided with pressure control and measure appliances, and operates with hydraulic oil at 400bar working pressure.

All pressure hoses, connections and oil tanks are leak-tested.

Finished hydraulic systems are tested along with the whole unit at a testing station and covered by a three-year guarantee period. FAT test is conducted in accordance with the procedures and under supervision of the classifier, such as DNV, ABS, BV, PRS and RMRS.

About Expom

Expom has its own engineering and design shop, as well as five production rooms with a total area of 6,500m², housing state-of-the-art machinery stock. The facility enables production of high-quality, large-scale welded structures.

The company holds all the necessary permits, certificates and licences, required for the necessary quality management, environmental protection and the industrial safety systems in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and OHSAS.

In addition, Expom’s welding licences and qualifications are approved by DNV (DNV GL).

Press Releases

  • The Time Has Come for Cranes at Expom

    Expom, the leader in production of davits according to DNV qualification association, now goes for the production of marine cranes. Another two Knuckleboom cranes, in which advanced anti-corrosion solutions were applied, left the company's factory.

  • Expom Invests into a Painting Shop

    Expom increases production capacity in the scope of craneage and anti-corrosion protections. This is another big project in a company specialising in the production of large-dimension steel structures for the needs of, among others, marine, offshore or power industry.

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