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Another Knuckleboom Crane Leaves Expom Factory

The cooperation of companies resulted in the implementation of innovative technological solutions. Due to special needs of the employer, Expom engineers applied latest anti-corrosion protections.

The new knuckleboom crane manufactured by engineers from Kurzętnik is smaller than its predecessors. However, it distinguishes itself with special anti-corrosion and overloading protections, which is very important with respect to constant improvement of safety, which is an absolute priority for engineering staff from Expom.

"Each stage of tests must be in compliance with the requirements of DNV, ABS, Lloyd, PRS, RMRS, RINA classification associations."

The unit is also equipped with innovative remote control system and a number of devices boosting operation comfort. Very high requirements regarding anti-corrosion protection are also worth mentioning. The application of a few-layer varnish coat was possible to be done in Expom owing to the experience of staff and the technologies, which the leader from Kurzętnik has at its disposal. The crane is equipped with power hydraulics and electrical systems, which enable efficient functioning even in extreme conditions, proven with a certificate of international associations.

Apart from the crane steel structure and equipping it with complex control systems, the company gave access to its own dynamic test tower in which specialist tests are conducted under the supervision of international inspectors. Each stage of tests must be in compliance with the requirements of DNV, ABS, Lloyd, PRS, RMRS, RINA classification associations.

All parties to the contract interested in the project participated in the tests of this unit. The performed tests were aimed at the objective assessment of the offshore crane and the confirmation of the execution in accordance with the international offshore standard.

Knuckleboom with full quality and acceptance documentation will go to Norway, where it will be installed on a vessel. This is another crane of this type which will be sent from Kurzętnik to Scandinavia.

Expom specializes in the production of large-dimension steel structures and machine elements, among others, for offshore sector and power industry. The company fulfils orders with global reach, among others, for clients from Europe, the US and the UAE.

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