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Ultrasonic Metal Improvement with Patented Ultrasonic Impact Technology

Applied Ultrasonics specializes in providing engineered solutions to improve the reliability and extend the life of metal components and structures. Our philosophy is simple: provide high quality solutions, cutting-edge technology and expert consultative services.

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Applied Ultrasonics specializes in providing engineered solutions to improve the reliability and extend the life of metal components and structures. Our philosophy is simple: provide high quality solutions, cutting-edge technology and expert consultative services.

We allow customers to save money by improving reliability and decreasing maintenance costs, to improve return on investment by extending asset life, and to enhance safety by improving mechanical and structural integrity.

Ultrasonic peening technology to maximize metal enhancement

Applied Ultrasonics delivers a patented, state-of-art ultrasonic peening technology: Ultrasonic Impact Technology (UIT). UIT uses ultrasonic energy to maximize metal improvement and enhancement, greatly extending the metal’s utility. Applied Ultrasonics has brought the benefits of UIT to a range of industries, including oil and gas, maritime, mining, highway infrastructure, defense and aerospace.

Improving fatigue life of metal components and structures

Applying Ultrasonic Impact Technology to metal components and structures is proven to provide superior fatigue life. Extending fatigue life gives the owner increased return on investment, especially on ageing assets. It does so while saving time and money spent on redesign, repair, or replacements. Our patented technology also enables designers and engineers to exceed factors of safety for fatigue; this allows projects to move forward to construction and commissioning.

Major drilling contractors have used UIT to reset the fatigue life of ageing rigs, especially semi-submersibles operating in the North Sea.
UIT strengthens fatigue-prone areas on new-build and conversion oil and gas production platforms, such as this ship-shaped FPU.
Spud-can connections on jack-up rigs are notorious for repetitive cracking problems; however, UIT can be used to prevent cracks occurring or recurring.
UIT delivers substantially better performance than alternative surface treatments, achieving an extension of life by five times over shot peening for heavy industrial crankshafts.
Portable, powerful, controlled and efficient. UIT is the best method to extend fatigue life, improve fatigue strength, prevent stress corrosion cracking, as well as work-harden metal components and structures.

Improving structural integrity and mechanical reliability

Whether it is a ship hull structure or a locomotive crankshaft, failure from stress or fatigue cracking is expensive and potentially catastrophic. Ultrasonic Impact Technology delays the onset of cracking from fatigue and stress and can prevent failure. UIT improves structural integrity and component reliability, giving the confidence to continue safely operating equipment.

Prevention of stress corrosion cracking in the oil and gas industry

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is a failure mechanism caused by the combined effects of tensile stress and a corrosive environment. SCC is prevalent and costly in the oil and gas industry, due to the corrosive fluids, high pressures, and high temperatures downhole.

Ultrasonic Impact Technology conveys deep, targeted compressive residual stress to metal components and prevents the onset of stress corrosion cracking. UIT also yields cost savings from better reliability and reduced repair and replacement costs. Additionally, operators and contractors can maximize uptime when drilling and producing, which directly increases revenue.

Increasing the resistance of metal to wear and abrasion

Ultrasonic Impact Technology strengthens metals through cold work, plastically deforming the surface and imparting compressive residual stress. These processes increase surface hardness, providing increased resistance to wear and abrasion. Improved wear properties will extend life and increase return on investment. Longer lasting components provide cost savings on spares, repairs and replacements parts.

Stress relief and distortion control to save on fabrication costs

Numerous rules and standards, including the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the American Welding Society (AWS), recognize peening to control shrinkage stresses, prevent cracking, and mitigate distortion.

Ultrasonic Impact Technology is the best controlled and most efficient peening technology available and is exceptionally well-suited for interpass treatment of welds because the ultrasound refines grains and relieves tensile stress. Especially for extra-high strength steels prone to hydrogen cracking, UIT will improve the quality of welds, reduce additional work and save on fabrication costs.

Strengthen your business with Ultrasonic Impact Technology. Contact us for a free consultation.

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