Applied Ultrasonics has released two free white papers on Offshore Technology.

The first white paper details the work the company has completed for Noble Drilling.

Applied Ultrasonics personnel treated the S355-J2G3 steel welds both inside and outside of the cross bracing (the middle columns, K-joints, trumpets, and outer columns/chain lockers) using UIT. Work was performed with minimal time on the site, ensuring uninterrupted workflow while the Ton van Langeveld was in dry-dock.

Applied Ultrasonics portable equipment was used to treat welds that were deep inside enclosed areas, thus imparting compressive stresses and stress relief in areas that are inaccessible to other methods. Noble Drilling engineers estimate that UIT will extend the fatigue life by a factor of six to eight times.

To download this white paper please click here.

The second white paper is a study into the effect that ultrasonic impact treatment has on the fatigue strength of a longitudinal attachment.

Treated welds were found to have about 50% greater fatigue strength, and the results indicated that the method could be also applied for large fabricated structures operating under high reactive residual stresses equilibrated within the volume of the structure.

To download this white paper please click here.