dpss net

Norway-based vessel support specialist DP & Marine is pleased to announce its latest dynamic positioning system, the DPSS®Net.

This advanced device provides an effective method for testing your dynamic positioning systems against potential network storms, without the expense of a calling out an engineer.

This new tool provides you with a cost-effective method of having dynamic positioning system network tests performed by your crew, as often as you require them.

Why is network storm testing important?

Network storms can be caused by a variety of factors such as hardware malfunction, incorrect hardware configurations, human error or even poor network design.

A sudden storm can lead to a loss of dynamic positioning, caused by sensor and system data errors, leading to potential danger when your vessel is relying on dynamic positioning during operation.

Working in partnership with Vessel Technology, we are proud to offer this unique testing hardware as part of our range of products and services.

The DPSS®Net is available for a one-time cost, providing full ownership to perform as many tests as required.

This new tool is changing the way testing is performed for vessel owners around the world. Don’t just take our word for it…

A representative from DEME’s Omalius vessel said: “The DPSS®Net proved to be instrumental in discovering otherwise hidden faults that had the potential to result in a loss of DP control.

“We were impressed with its capabilities and ease of use.”

The benefits of DPSS®Net:

  • No need for expensive engineers and call outs
  • Customisable tests configured for your vessel
  • Save time and money
  • Perform tests as required
  • One-time cost

For more information or to make an order, please contact DP & Marine via the enquiries form on this page.