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Offshore Vessel Support and Inspection Services

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DP & Marine Assurance Norway offers a comprehensive range of support services to the global marine, construction, drilling and floating production industries, such as vessel surveys, audits, and marine inspections.

Vessel assurance surveys in the offshore industry

DP & Marine Assurance Norway offers high-quality vessel assurance surveys with an extensive range of support services.

Inspection surveys offered include dynamic positioning (DP), annual DP audits, offshore and ship personnel provision, as well as marine assurance, condition, safety and suitability surveys.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway also provides surveys for DP failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) / failure mode, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) proving trials; critical activity mode (CAMO), task appropriate mode (TAM) and activity specific operating guidelines (ASOG); and crane FMEA analyses.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway provides vessel inspection services for the offshore and shipping industries.
The company performs assurance surveys to assess the condition and performance of individual vessels.
The company provides the Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) in accordance with the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).
DP & Marine Assurance is qualified to compile common marine inspection documents (CMIDs).
The company has more than 25 years of experience in conducting safety surveys.

In addition, surveys are available for International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) common marine inspection documents (CMID), and the Oil Companies International Marine Forum’s (OCIMF) Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID).

The company has more than 25 years practical experience of marine, maritime, DP diving support vessels (DSVs); remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) vessels; and platform supply vessels (PSVs) in the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as renewable energy support vessels.

Dynamic positioning annual trials

DP & Marine Assurance Norway provide high-quality annual DP audits for rigs, floating platforms and offshore vessels to maintain station / position.

Failure of the DP system can impact on operational sustainability and safety of the vessel, platform or rig, so it is important that annual testing is carried out. Audits offered include:

  • DP surveys, audits, trials, and position referencing systems (PRS), operations manuals, control systems, maintenance issues, accident investigations
  • Thruster reliability and propulsion
  • Human factors

IMCA accredited AVI CMID inspections

DP & Marine Assurance is accredited to perform CMID inspections and audits.

Providing a standard format for offshore vessel inspections, the IMCA CMID helps promote safety and efficiency, as well as help decrease the number of repeat inspections on individual vessels.

CMID inspections are planned and undertaken in liaison with the vessel owner and are performed by DP & Marine Assurance’s CMID accredited vessel inspector (AVI), and the report is stored and updated on-board a vessel, which reduces the time spent in an audit.

Where required, DP & Marine Assurance’s CMIDs include:

  • Inspection process and summary
  • Index of certificates
  • International safety management (ISM)
  • Health, safety and environment (HSE)
  • Crew management and qualifications
  • Life-saving and firefighting appliances
  • Pollution prevention
  • Equipment: bridge, navigation, communications, mooring and lifting
  • Helidecks
  • The CMID is regularly reviewed and updated according to regulatory and technical developments

CMID inspections and audits

DP & Marine Assurance Norway provides a wide range of CMID inspections and audits, including emergency response and rescue vessels (ERRVs), anchor handling tug supply (AHTS), offshore support vessels (OSVs), and DP vessels.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway has a dedicated team of experienced marine surveyors and inspectors, as well as practical knowledge in DP and marine assurance support for offshore, shipping renewable energy sectors.

OCIMF OVID inspections

DP & Marine Assurance Norway provides OCIMF OVID inspections, which are performed by skilled and experienced surveyors.

A protocol for oil, chemical and gas tankers successfully operating since 1998, OCIMF OVID aims to provide a robust web-based inspection tool and reports database supported by accredited inspectors.

The long-term objective of the OVID is to create a strategy that is integral to the selection and assurance of offshore vessels by enhancing the safety of industry operations.

Marine assurance services

DP & Marine Assurance Norway high-quality marine assurance services monitor compliance with regulatory requirements tailored to individual client requirements, which will enhance and promote on-board safety and performance.

The company’s marine assurance services include IMCA CMIDs, OCIMF OVIDs, and vessel and equipment inspections and surveys.

Marine warranty surveys

Marine warranty surveys (MWS) for offshore oil and gas exploration / production and renewable energy vessels and projects ensure minimal risk of loss or damage.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway’s experienced surveyors ensure that recognised codes of practice, industry standards and appropriate risk levels are met.

MWS, marine verification and procedures documentation is available for vessels, equipment and systems involved in the offshore oil and gas exploration/production, as well as renewable energy operations.

The company’s MWS and audits include certificates of approval, and statements of compliance.

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