DP & Marine Assurance Norway would like to extend its congratulations to Maersk Supply Service for the celebration of Denmark’s ‘First50’, marking the 50th anniversary of oil and gas exploration in the country.

During this time, Maersk have been providing unrivalled competence and hands-on marine experience in operating complex operations at sea.

In celebrating this milestone, Maersk Supply Service has reinforced their continued faith in DP & Marine Assurance Norway by the award of a new five-year ‘Primary Supplier, full-fleet’ agreement.

This will cover all DP-related services, including attended and remote DP trials, plus all vessel assurance duties such as CMID and OVID for the MSS fleet.

Our birthday gift to Maersk Supply Service is our continued co-operation and provision of top level services at a highly affordable price, coupled with full cooperation and support for all their various activities.

If Maersk Supply Service can put their full faith and trust in DP Marine, perhaps you should do the same?

Join the ever-growing list of satisfied clients benefitting from the very best quality in the market, coupled with the very best pricing regime you are likely to come across.

DP & Marine Assurance Norway has acquired extensive and unique experience and expertise gained over many years providing the very best DP and marine assurance services.

We not only have extensive experience in performing remote and attended DP trials, we also continue to develop and improve the services to our clients, making us an integral part of their continued success.

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