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Offshore Industry Tools

EGA Master is a Spanish manufacturer committed to keeping field workers safe and efficient.

Born as specialists in piping tools, EGA Master has steadily diversified into other fields. At present the company has become a world leader in the safety category and manufactures tools and equipment for the most demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, oil, gas or mining.

The EGA Master proposition is sustained on three key pillars:

  • High quality and innovation: EGA Master is currently the only manufacturer that offers a one stop solution for the industrial end-user with more than 20,000 references. All of EGA Master tools are covered by a life-time warranty against any manufacturing defects.
  • One-stop solution: EGA Master is currently the only manufacturer that offers a one-stop solution for the industrial end-user with ten product ranges.
  • Quick service: As a result of EGA Master manufacturing model and investment in stock, the company is able to provide an availability level higher than 98% across the 150 countries the company distributes to.

General mechanic tools, controlled tightening and TCS (Tool Control System) storage solutions

EGA Master offers the most complete range of tools for mechanics and controlled tightening. Applications for leading and demanding industries.

Widest range of non-sparking, non-corrosive and non-magnetic tools mandatory to be used in explosive environments according EN1127-1.
Unique tested and certified drop prevention tools to comply with mandatory 2001/45/CE EU directive.
EGA Master offers a wide range of intrinsically safe ATEX-IECEX certified explosion-proof instruments, including mobile phones, radios and torchlights.
EGA Master produces the most complete range of industrial quality piping tools. Most resistant and heavy-duty purpose pipe wrenches, pipe cutters, pipe vices and threading machines.
Tools Control System to avoid economic waste or loss due to careless tool stock management and for FOD safety.

Our broad offering of mechanic tools includes wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, socket wrenches, pneumatic tools, manual and hydraulic torque wrenches.

Non-sparking tools for dust and gas environments

EGA Master offers the widest range of non-sparking tools in three different alloys (Acetilex©, Al-Bron and Cu-Be). All non-sparking tools are certified by the prestigious German Federal Institute BAM, an EC Notified Body for ATEX.

Hand tools and machines to work efficiently with steel pipes

A specialized manufacturer of pipe tools, EGA Master EGA Master, offers the required manual and automatic solutions the pipe-related jobs such as cutting, bending, welding, threading, roll-grooving, reaming, gripping, freezing and press-fitting.

Without doubt, EGA Master offers the most complete solution for pipe working.

ESD electrostatic discharge tools

EGA Master ESD products dispose of the electrostatic energy in a safe and controlled way for the end-user and electronic components. They are the perfect tools for electronic applications.

Non-magnetic titanium tools ‘for magnetic field areas’

EGA Master Titanium Tools have been developed with the most high-tech titanium alloy, 6Al-4V, especially designed for the most innovative and advanced fields such as subatomic particle research, military and aerospace applications.

Its characteristics make this alloy the best material for special applications that require non-magnetic properties.

Insulated 1,000V tools: hand-tools for electrical applications

EGA Master offers a complete range of 1,000V insulated and VDE tools, individually tested at 10,000V in order to guarantee total safety. They are also tested according to 1,000V IEC 60900.

ANTIDROP Tools for safe operations according to drop prevention schemes

EGA Master ANTIDROP tools have been carefully designed not only to avoid accidental dropping, but also to ensure maximum safety when working in heights.

The EGA Master solution complies with the recommendations by DROPS, a global initiative for the prevention of object dropping. All tools are equipped with a heat shrink system which offer superior safety compared to other systems that hold tools with a knot or a ring.

ATEX-IECEX certified equipment for hazardous areas

EGA Master offers an extensive range of intrinsically safe explosion-proof instruments for communication, detection, measuring or lighting. They are essential for risk areas identified as zone 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 by ATEX directive.

Tool Control System (TCS) for on-site tools

EGA Master has developed different tool control systems that reduce the costs associated with the replacement of lost tools. This solutions decrease the probability of leaving tools behind in high risk areas. Contact us to know about all available solutions.

AQUAMASTER pneumatic and hydraulic tools for underwater operations

EGA Master offers a wide range of pneumatic and hydraulic tools for underwater diving use, in order to satisfy the growing needs of the offshore applications. These new tool range is specially designed for professionals who usually work in underwater environment such as offshore oil rigs, underwater gas pipes and FPSO maintenance.

White Papers

Press Releases

  • Ega Master Intrinsically-Safe ATEX Tablet PC

    The MasterEx rugged laptop with one quick rotation turns into a rugged tablet PC. Designed with the real-world in mind, this laptop is equipped with an innovative touch screen. It is both MIL-STD 810G certified and IP65 compliant. It comes with a magnesium alloy case and a shock-protected HDD. It

  • New Ega Master Grip Plier

    The new EGA Master Grip plier can be set in four different positions in order to be able to grip different size and shape items. Its chrome vanadium alloy assures a professional, accurate and long-lasting use. The specially developed aerospatial crome coating increases the protection against rust

  • Gold Medal for Ega Master at the La Habana Fair (Cuba)

    At the recent 27th Edition of the La Habana International Fair, Ega Master´s Mastervision inspection camera won the Gold Medal for quality due to its innovative design. The event took place from 1-6 November. The La Habana International Fair hosted more than 2,400 business people from

  • Ega Master Exhibits in Ghana Oil and Gas Exhibition

    Ega Master took part at the oil and gas exhibition in Accra (Ghana) from September 29th to October 3rd, 6th and 9th. Although Ghana has barely had until recently any relevant oil and gas industry, the recent discovery of massive deposits off the coast will turn Ghana into a powerhouse in the next

  • Ega Master in Offshore Technology Conference OTC (Houston, USA)

    Ega Master has taken part at OTC in Houston from 3-6 May. It is the biggest and most prestigious oil and gas exhibition in the world. In this edition there were 2,500 exhibitors and 65,000 visitors from over 130 countries. The exhibition floor space was more than half a million square feet.

  • Ega Master Launches Two-Colour Eva "Easy-Find" Trays for Roller Cabinets

    Ega Master has developed a wide range of two-colour EVA trays to be put inside its roller cabinets. The “Easy-Find” system (which presents the upper layer in black colour and the inferior one in red colour) makes it easier to find out if a tool is missing from the tray. These trays offer great ve

  • Ega Master Opens a Representative Office in Singapore

    Ega Master has just established its representative office for Asia in Singapore. Under the leadership of Ronnie Ting, a well-known professional with nearly three decades of experience in the region, the office will offer valuable support to the Ega Master distributors in the Indian subcontinent,

  • Ega Master Launches Mini Inspection Cameras with Wi-Fi Technology

    Ega Master will soon launch the latest outcome of its high-tech R&D team: new mini inspection cameras equipped with Wi-Fi technology. These are the result of Ega Master investing 7% of its resources to research and development - five times as much as the sectorial average. These

  • Avoiding Explosions with Safe Tools

    Non-Sparking Tools are essential for applications in potentially explosive environments. EGA MASTER Non-sparking tools are made by following the most advanced liquid-forging method -which implies forging the piece after the initial casting process- in order to achieve the best quality tools i

Products & services

  • Tool Control System

    EGA Master offers tool control solutions to minimise expensive intentional or unintentional loss of tools that could pose economic or safety risks.