Non-Sparking Tools are essential for applications in potentially explosive environments. EGA MASTER Non-sparking tools are made by following the most advanced liquid-forging method -which implies forging the piece after the initial casting process- in order to achieve the best quality tools in the market, both in mechanical properties and ergonomic characteristics. Liquid-forged Non-sparking tools incorporate all the knowledge of decades designing and manufacturing hand tools by Ega Master, obtaining the most ergonomic and safety conscious tools.

All EGA Master Tools are manufactured according to the strict control of ISO 9001-2000, as certified by TÜV-Rheinland.


EGA Master offers 2 kinds of materials for its non-sparking tools, copper-beryllium alloy (Co-Be) and aluminium-bronze (Al-Br) alloy:

Copper-Beryllium Alloy
Composition Be: 1.8%-2%
Ni: 0.2%-0.5%
Others: less than 0.5%
Rest: Cu
Hardness 35-40HRC
Tensile Strength 1250 N/mm2

Aluminium-Bronce Alloy
Composition Al: 8%-10%
Ni: 2%-5%
Fe: 1.5%-3%
Others: less than 0.5%
Rest: Cu
Hardness 25-30HRC
Tensile Strength 800 N/mm2


Among the features and properties of the alloy that EGA Master Non-Sparking Tools offer:

1) Non-sparking: appropriate for potentially explosive environments
2) Non-magnetic safety: essential for equipments that require complete non-magnetic safety
3) Corrosion resistant: specially well suited for applications in corrosive environments like those encountered in marine works or fire-fighting applications
4) Forged after casting: provides higher mechanical properties and better finishing
5) Ergonomic designs: the use of bi-material anti-slippery handles, dipping anti-slippery handles, totally ergonomic designs make operations easier, more comfortable and faster

* Non-Sparking Tools cannot reach the hardness of conventional tools. For this reason the use of Non-Sparking Tools has to be carried out with special care, avoiding overstraining, heating, etc.
* The use of Non-Sparking Tools must not be the only preventive measure in areas which the items are designed for. Other items, clothes or present material must also be adequate for non-sparking purposes.
* EGA Master Non-Sparking Tools are provided with lifetime warranty. In case an EGA Master tool breaks or fails to perform under normal and correct use, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost. Any misuse, abuse or normal service wear is considered as an exception to the warranty.

CAUTION: These tools are not classified as anti-static because they DO conduct electricity. Do not use high copper content tools in direct contact with acetylene due to the possible formation of explosive acetylide, especially in the presence of moisture.