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Modular, Lightweight Aluminium Scaffolding

The MonZon brand stands for high quality and flexible solutions at competitive prices. With the collective experience of three generations in the scaffolding business, we can create innovative and secure solutions for every occasion.

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The MonZon brand stands for high-quality, flexible solutions at competitive prices. With the collective experience of three generations in the scaffolding business, we can create innovative and secure solutions for every need. We offer a complete product range, which fulfils all needs and enquiries; such as scaffolding systems, mobile towers, weather protection and fences, as well as stages and grandstand systems.

Our scaffolding systems are available in both steel and aluminium and their standardised components permit versatile areas of use. With MonZon, you can always count on a friendly reception, competence and advanced technical support.

Lightweight, modular aluminium scaffolding

MonZon proudly presents Modular Light®, the aluminium scaffolding system, which creates new business opportunities and a better working environment. Today’s health and safety requirements mean that construction and industrial scaffoldings made in aluminium are here to stay, and Modular Light is the result of extensive technical developments and material research in this area.

We are very proud that MonZon can offer the market a light scaffolding solution that eases assembly work. In addition, our customers will save both time and money, and the impact on the environment is reduced as a result of less transporting. Modular Light has a very competitive price compared with steel scaffoldings and offers many other benefits.

Modular Light® - the lightest modular scaffolding in the world? The lightweight aluminium is gentle on the body and the environment.
Modular Light is certified according to EN 12810-1 for loading classes 2-4 (1.5kN/m²-3.0kN/m²).
Fibre glass platforms - lighter than traditional platforms and with a longer lifespan. Get better ergonomics and cheaper transports.
Mansard Hall has a mobile base that can be motorised and remotely controlled. Keder roof components from MonZon Protect®.
MonZon offshore project, a gas line in Finland.

Our modular scaffolding system in aluminium weighs approximately 50% less than our similar modular scaffolding system in steel.

Surface-treated aluminum for increased protection

The aluminium scaffolding system Modular Light can be ordered in coloured aluminum in various dyes. The technique used is known as anodising and it increases the resistance against corrosion and wear. The anodic layer is non-conductive.

Reduced transportation and personnel costs

Because of the lower weight of the aluminium scaffolding, more material can be loaded onto the truck, which means that transportation between the warehouse and the construction site will be reduced. This reduction in fuel consumption also has a positive environmental impact, which reflects well on your business.

The lower weight also makes the assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding more efficient. This has a direct impact on personnel costs, which permits higher margins.

Improved safety and handling

The risk for repetitive strain injuries is drastically reduced since the scaffolding material handled daily is lighter.

Lighter material is easier to stack. The height and full potential of the warehouse can be used and significantly less floor space is needed, which further reduces costs.

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  • The Foundation for MonZon Europe BV in the Netherlands is Set!

    MonZon Group has formed a joint venture, MonZon Europe BV, with Mark Willems and Theo Schares. The company will initially focus solely on selling and renting scaffolding and weather protection systems in aluminum in Europe and export markets. (Excluding Sweden, Norway and Finland).

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