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Offshore Inspection Group Expands Services

Offshore Inspection Group, Inc. provides oversight services worldwide with experienced personnel for offshore and onshore, inspection, surveying, marine, and commissioning projects.

Our firm has announced the expansion of services:

  • EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY. Our leaders provide pre-trial expert opinion and expert witness testimony in litigation involving offshore drilling vessels and cargo, and offshore/onshore equipment. Given the depth and complexity of energy industry litigation, many factors benefit a case. That said, for the seven major cases to date, for defendant and plaintiff, all settled in favor of the clients for whom our leaders provided expert opinion or testimony.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT FOR FINANCE AND INSURANCE. Offshore Inspection Group produces vessel and cargo surveys for the financial and insurance industries. For the purpose of assessing and analyzing risk, these surveys determine: general conditions; on hire/off-hire conditions; fit for purpose; safety and security; damage; and/or cause of damage.
  • RIG EXCELLENCE TRAINING. Our specialists have extensive field experience and in-depth knowledge of digital technologies. We respond wherever needed: on consultation calls with overseas crew members; walking the rigs with drill site supervisors; or through virtual and hands-on coaching of crew teams.
  • SECURE AND PRIVATE PORTAL. Offshore Inspection Group has enhanced its website with added features to better serve clients, including a secure and private portal for year-over-year document storage, tracking, and analysis, and client-controlled user and document privileges.

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