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Client Oversight Services, Surveys, Investigations, Testimony, Rig Excellence Training

Offshore Inspection Group (OIG) offers a wide range of inspections and surveys for oilfield equipment and vessels.


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United States of America

Offshore Inspection Group, Inc. (OIG) provides client oversight services with experienced personnel worldwide for offshore and onshore, inspection, surveying, marine, and commissioning projects. Our solution-driven leaders consolidate business requirements to reduce errors, improve safety, control costs and enhance information management.

The in-depth technical knowledge of our personnel advances those first crucial steps of client collaboration. OIG successfully partners with clients and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) to meet their unique needs, keep people safe, and maintain vessels and equipment exactly as they were designed. Offshore Inspection Group’s commitment to clients and the industry is unmatched.

Offshore Drilling and Oilfield Services

OIG works closely with clients to ensure vessels and equipment are in regulatory, statutory and corporate compliance.

Drillship under construction.
OIG provides oversite of work by contractors and shipyards, as well as rig excellence training for equipment specific matters.
Infrared thermal imaging surveys for switchboard integrity.
Crane Sheave Bearing Wear.
Barge at Workover Platform.
With over 125 years of combined industry experience, our leadership team applies their in-depth knowledge as technical coaches, both onsite and via teleconferencing, and through instructional videos.
Jack-up Draft Marks.
Cellar Deck Workspace.
BOP Control Package.
BOP Connector.

Services include:

  • Condition Reporting and Testing of offshore and land drilling facilities
  • DP Annual Trials on operational offshore oil drilling rigs and support vessels
  • DP Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), and Failure Mode Effects and Critical Analysis (FMECA)
  • Inspections

– Commissioning Oversight
– Drilling, subsea, well control, and related equipment
– Marine: contractual, periodic inspections to maintain class certification, also annual and five-yearly
– Notice to Lessee (NTL) Compliance
– Vessel, including on/off hire
– Containers—offshore and marine five-year, also inspections required after substantial alterations or repairs

  • Surveys

– Audit—regulatory, statutory, and corporate compliance
– Authorization For Expenditure (AFE)
– In-depth marine and safety

  • Project Management
  • Rig Excellence Training—Corporate Procedures and Equipment Specific
  • Valuation—Rig and Equipment
  • Expert witness testimony. Our leaders provide pre-trial expert opinion and expert witness testimony in litigation involving offshore drilling vessels and cargo, and offshore/onshore equipment. Given the depth and complexity of energy industry litigation, many factors benefit a case. That said, for the seven major cases to date, for defendant and plaintiff, all settled in favor of the clients for whom our leaders provided expert opinion or testimony.
  • Risk management assessment for finance and insurance. Offshore Inspection Group produces vessel and cargo surveys for the financial and insurance industries. For the purpose of assessing and analyzing risk, these surveys determine: general conditions; on hire/off-hire conditions; fit for purpose; safety and security; damage; and/or cause of damage.
  • Rig excellence training. Our specialists have extensive field experience and in-depth knowledge of digital technologies. We respond wherever needed: on consultation calls with overseas crew members; walking the rigs with drill site supervisors; or through virtual and hands-on coaching of crew teams.
  • Secure and private portal. Offshore Inspection Group has enhanced its website with added features to better serve clients, including a secure and private portal for year-over-year document storage, tracking, and analysis, and client-controlled user and document privileges.

Technical Services and Project Management

Technological advances within the industry are moving faster than the industry and personnel can assimilate. OIG inspects and evaluates people, processes, and plant (3 “P’s”) to identify weak areas created by technology and lack of personnel experience, and then recommends improvements. Part of OIG’s analyses of client operations is identifying where training is needed. Rather than ascertain the competency of individual team members, OIG evaluates the robustness of a client’s training system for professional development and provide support for improvement to reduce the occurrence of high-risk errors resulting from inadequate training.

In addition, our leaders conduct functional design reviews, deliver commissioning and acceptance trials documentation, and provides project management—including onsite supervision of work performed by contractors and shipyards. OIG also works directly with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure new assets are manufactured to procedures, appropriate standards, and schedule.

Subsea and BOP Engineering Services

OIG personnel have in-depth knowledge of early through seventh generation DP drillships, semisubmersibles, subsea related equipment, operations, and projects.

The deepwater DP drilling operations experience of our subsea and BOP engineers provides onsite expertise in OEM factories and shipyards, ensuring subsea equipment, ranging from single components to entire systems, is fit for purpose.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys

As electrical failures typically are preceded by heat produced from high electrical resistance, infrared scans are critical for diagnosing and preventing maintenance in electrical power distribution applications.

OIG conducts infrared thermal imaging surveys to detect thermal anomalies in electrical systems under normal load conditions. Identifying defects in real-time, OIG improves productivity by reducing downtime and risks due to equipment failures.

Surveys, Investigation and Litigation Services

OIG produces surveys for clients, insurers, interested purchasing bodies, and vessel/cargo owners to determine general or on-hire/off-hire conditions, fit for purpose, safety and security, damage, and/or cause of damage (i.e. method and/or mode of failure).

Our leaders provide pre-trial expert opinion and expert witness testimony in litigation involving offshore drilling vessels and cargo, and offshore/onshore equipment.

About Offshore Inspection Group

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, US, OIG provides client oversight services with experienced personnel to the offshore and onshore oil industries.

OIG is distinguished by our:

  • People. Our knowledgeable, experienced professionals understand processes and equipment, recognize potential risks before they become issues that impact operations, and share their knowledge with clients to facilitate organizational improvements.
  • Standards. OIG upholds the highest standards of ethics and safety while providing clients the highest professional service standards.
  • Partnerships. Our firm collaborates with industry standards organizations, regulatory bodies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), oil companies, drilling companies, and clients to help manage industry issues and drive solutions.

We work closely with clients to help them make more prudent financial, safety-related, and environmental decisions while achieving their project goals. We work independently to provide accurate and expedient rig valuation assessments to insurance and financial institutions. We are 100% committed to our clients, to the industry, and to the energy needs of our world.

Offshore Inspection Group is SOLUTION DRIVEN FOR A BETTER FUTURE™.

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Offshore Inspection Group
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