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Rig Excellence Training Service Bundles

Offshore Inspection Group introduces Rig Excellence Training Service Bundles for onsite operations crew.

Ongoing training is critical for reducing rig/vessel downtime and helping to prevent accidents and damage. QHSE is at the core of both energy operations and Offshore Inspection Group’s training. Our executive trainers ensure client vessels are operated in accordance with contractors’ and clients’ bridging documents, including (but not limited to) drilling contractors’ QHSE policy, maintenance, and management systems. In addition, we ensure that QHSE systems are known, adhered to, and implemented by on-site crew.

Regular audits are conducted to evaluate QHSE and the need for further training.

Audits are tailored to the client’s requirements; for example, an audit may include inventory and tracking with ownership of a rig’s loose and fixed equipment. Generally, independent rig/vessel audits include the determination of whether:

• Vessels have sufficient onboard stock of consumable and spare parts; and
• Maintenance policies and procedures are being adhered to, especially with regard to:
– Marine
– Drilling
– Deck and
– Catering.

To support your offshore and onshore operations, Offshore Inspection Group now offers Service Bundles which include:

  • Analyses of current training systems to determine the robustness of professional development;
  • On-site evaluations of people, processes and plant to identify where further training is required;
  • Emergency Telephone Consultations for on-site crew;
  • Pre-scheduled Virtual Training Sessions; and
  • Pre-scheduled Onsite Coaching Sessions.

Service Bundles may be adjusted to meet the specific needs of individual clients. Offshore Inspection Group welcomes the opportunity to move your projects forward efficiently and profitably.

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