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Commercial Diving and Engineering for Offshore Projects

OSC Marine Group is a leading company for reliable dynamic solutions for commercial diving projects in the offshore oil and gas industry.

53 Carlisle St,
Paarden Eiland,
Cape Town, 7405,
South Africa

OSC Marine Group is a leading company for reliable dynamic solutions for commercial diving projects in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The company’s commercial diving and engineering services are designed for applications in oil and gas installation, repair and maintenance (IRM), emergency pipeline repair solutions (EPRS), hyperbaric welding, rig and ship husbandry, and salvage and pollution control among others.

We operate throughout southern, east and west Africa, with operational bases in Cape Town and Durban in South Africa, as well as Tema in Ghana, Angola, Mozambique and Mauritius.

Commercial diving for pipeline inspection in the offshore industry

OSC Marine Group is a recognised subsea engineering and services provider, serving its clients since 1962. Our pipeline inspection services are an expansion of our technical corrosion inspection services for offshore and topside environments.

OSC Marine Group engineers have more than 25 years of experience in hyperbalic welding for the offshore industry.
Our extensive range of marine civil construction services comprise pre-construction surveys, repair and dredging.
Offshore topside inspections are provided as part of our technical corrosion services.
Commercial diving services are designed for pipeline inspection in the offshore industry.
ROVs for asset inspection will be piloted from onshore, via uncrewed surface vessels.
OSC Marine Group offers commercial diving for ship husbandry.
Our EPRS are avaialble 24/7 for immediate callout for oil and gas operations.
Pipeline inspections are part of our technical corrosion inspection services.
OSC Marine Group carries out a range of salvage and pollution removal for the offshore industry.

The majority of pipeline-related incidents occur due to metal loss, which can be caused by corrosion, cracking and incorrect pipe grade or poor joints.

OSC Marine Group collaborated with LIN SCAN to offer the capability to inspect and maintain liquid and gas pipelines in adverse environments.

Maintenance and repair activities should have minimal surface preparation and shutdown time for optimal cost-effectiveness. Our certification and training programmes for application technicians can be made according to client requirements, including pipeline integrity, pipeline subsea leak detection and emergency pipeline response.

Commercial diving and hyperbaric welding

OSC Marine Group offers specialist hyperbaric welding services for steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines.

Our engineering team has more than 25 years of hyperbaric design and operational experience.

Offshore topside inspection services

OSC Marine Group’s topside inspection services are part of the technical corrosion inspection offering for offshore environments.

Upstream and midstream oil and gas installations experience some of the most adverse working conditions. Our risk management systems ensure that we can work in these environments using compliant equipment and expert personnel.

Ranging from inspecting oil storage tanks at heights of more than 100m on stacks, jack-up rigs and flare towers, access to critical offshore components are made difficult and costly due to high safety standards within the industry.

We can assemble and mobilise personnel for the oil and gas sector, making it a viable solution to safe maintenance at high and difficult to access positions.

Remote operated vehicles and pilot training for offshore operations

As a recognised underwater specialist, we have provided services for multiple offshore applications. This includes remotely operated vehicle (ROV) supply, skilled pilots with engineering backgrounds, repairs, maintenance, and bespoke ROV pilot training.

Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR is our powerful, portable and versatile ROV solution. It is designed for coastal and inshore operations, as well as flyaway operations offshore.

Seaeye Tiger and Lynx are widely regarded as leading observation and inspection vehicles within the oil and gas industry while the Seaeye Cougar XT is a compact, powerful electric ROV with working depths of 2,000m.

This system is designed to accommodate heavy-duty tooling with a system of quick-change tool skids that make it ideal for survey work, drill support, light construction and salvage support.

All of our ROVs are available with a variety of optional tools and accessories.

Commercial diving for the oil and gas industry

OSC Marine Group offers a range of commercial diving services, including IRM, construction support, decommissioning support and specialised repair services.

Our ROV and diving intervention can be used for subsea cutting technologies. With a variety of sizes and capabilities, ROVs can be used to undertake an array of observation and decommissioning tasks.

Commercial diving for salvage and pollution removal

OSC Marine Group provides environmental integrity solutions and services based on good engineering solutions. We offer three solutions for plastic waste, which pollutes our oceans.

RiverIsolater, DisruptorNet and CrocDock are included in our salvage and pollution control service offering. For more information, fill out the enquiry form.

Emergency pipeline repair and marine civil construction

Our EPRS include 24/7 callouts through our support contract, on-site specialist cofferdams for near-shore marine deployment, and damage inspection.

OSC Marine Group marine civils construction services comprises port construction and repair, and pre-construction design surveys. For dams, we offer bell mouth blanking, valve blanking and replacement, minor dredging, desilting or clear suction, and quay wall inspection and repair.

Other services include dredging of silt ponds or internal pipelines, tunnel-boring machine (TBM) exit-pit dredging and recover, underwater welding and concrete works.

Contact us to find out about the full range of marine civil construction services.

You can also fill out the enquiry form to find out about our commercial diving for rig and ship husbandry.

About OSC Marine Group

Established in 1962, OSC Marine Group was formed by entrepreneurs in the subsea industry with a philosophy that has since continued. Reliability, quality, safety and customer satisfaction are key qualities for our group and all services.

We have developed successful, long-standing relationships with our clients, as a testament to our subsea expertise and support across inshore and offshore sectors.

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