Proserv is a global leader in subsea maintenance, abandonment and decommissioning, providing flexible and reactive engineering solutions from the installation and maintenance of a structure through to decommissioning at the end of its field life.

Offshore, onshore, topside and subsea structure removal services

Global-leading energy production technology services company Proserv has a 35-year track record in delivering bespoke technologies and services for the energy industry, with a focus in the drilling, production, subsea and decommissioning market sectors.

We provide contracting, project management and engineering services associated with the removal of offshore, onshore, topside and subsea structures. These services include well plug and abandonment (P&A), removal preparation, pipeline abandonment, platform removal, site clearance verification, refurbishment and reinstallation, and regulatory compliance.

Due to our experience we make sure our services remain flexible, encompassing anything from single-well P&A to multi-platform abandonment and decommissioning programmes. We continually strive to make sure each project is completed safely, economically and on schedule.

Proserv's global coverage.
Proserv Offshore is a global leader in subsea maintenance, abandonment and decommissioning.
The company provides offshore, onshore, topside and subsea structure removal services.
Our cold cutting technology includes jet-cut water abrasives.
We plug wells, flush pipelines, cut and extract conductors and remove subsea and other structures in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
Proserv Offshore's extensive experience in well abandonments ensures your project will be executed safely.

Offshore structure abandonment services

The company’s enhanced abrasive multi-string cutting tool provides complete well severance and significantly reduces in-well operational time by up to 50%. This specialist cutting solution is designed to run into a wellbore or subsea well, cutting multiple strings of casings, providing a superior solution to the client.

We cut and extract conductors and remove subsea and other structures in a cost-effective and efficient manner, eliminating the need for multiple contractors on your project.

Subsea and marine tools for ROVs and divers

Proserv provides a wide range of bespoke tooling solutions for marine and subsea operations that can be deployed by a diver or ROV. We also remain at the forefront of innovation through continued R&D of new products. We are considered industry leaders in:

  • Cold cutting systems, including water abrasive, diamond wire and mechanical / reciprocal technologies
  • Seabed dredging
  • Cleaning and coating removal
  • Friction welding systems

Our innovative range of equipment can be mobilised quickly and cost efficiently anywhere in the world, and has evolved from long experience of working in some of the most challenging environments, including the North Sea, Asia and the Gulf of Mexico.

Conversion to topside portable tools

Our cold cutting technology (including jet-cut water abrasives, hydraulic saws, friction discs and diamond wire) and our friction-stud welding (FSW) systems are also translated into a specialist range of portable onshore tools, ideal for use in hazardous environments.

Our experience in this field ensures we can supply a system that perfectly meets your particular needs. Our systems have been developed over many years of worldwide operation and as a result we have the technology and expertise to provide an effective and reliable service.