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Offshore Supply, Service and Accommodation Vessels

SweOffshore Maritime AB supplies accommodation vessels and supply and service vessels for the offshore industry and various inspection and diving services for the subsea market.

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SweOffshore Maritime AB supplies accommodation vessels and supply and service vessels for the offshore industry and various inspection and diving services for the subsea market. Covering all sides of the spectrum, from first-class accommodation vessels for the offshore wind farm industry to refined subsea inspection services, gives us huge market advantages as a multi-purpose partner.

From bathymetric, 3D scanning and ROV services combined with laser technology, to experienced hands-on subsea surveys, we perform at the top of the technology chain. Our own web-based marine inventory system (MIS) allows our clients to keep a close eye on the structural condition of vessels and equipment, and to make life-span evaluations in view of periodical subsea maintenance and repair.

Offshore accommodation vessels

Specialists assigned to long-term projects, such as offshore windmill parks, face tough conditions on a daily basis. It might be placing foundations or mono-piling while fighting waves and currents, or it might be erecting transition pieces, towers and windmill generators during hard winds.

After working long hours in such demanding conditions these workers need quality ‘homes away from home’, like those found in SweOffshore’s accommodation vessels.

An accommodation vessel leaving the harbour after being refitted with a new fitness centre and infotainment system.
We have custom-designed and purpose-built a boat landing in the stern of our vessels for easy and safe access to our crew boats.
One of our inshore inspection vessels equipped with 3D sonar, multi-beam and side scan sonar and an ROV.
3D sonar image of a cable crossing a 300mm pipeline at a depth of 25m.
3D sonar image of a normal quay structure with a good view of the bottom slope and the concrete piles.

A smooth transfer with personal transfer vessels to compatible boat landings in the rear/side of the accommodation vessel ensures safe and comfortable commuting between workplace and ‘home’. Our seaworthy accommodation vessels are designed to meet the highest standards of hospitality, with skilled chefs serving exclusive breakfast buffets in the morning and an a la carte menu around the clock.

Office facilities and public spaces with Wi-Fi network and infotainment simplify the exchange of technical and formal information as well as providing ‘in-cabin’ entertainment.

Supply and service vessels for the PSV, multi-purpose and cargo vessel markets

In line with our global services and experienced shipping department, we operate RoRo vessels for special assignments. Furthermore, we have built up state-of-the-art routines and logistic capacities to manage and operate trades within the PSV, multi-purpose and cargo vessel markets.

Our scope of business services also includes providing and operating tugs, barges, sheer leg cranes, and jack-up rigs for both inshore projects as well as for the offshore market. Four-point mooring and DP2 systems will be available in the not too distant future.

Underwater blasting, welding and repair

Our diving teams are made up of experienced craftsmen equipped with the most modern diving equipment available. All underwater operations are monitored by diving supervisors with up to 25 years of experience from the field, who in turn get full support from our subsea management and technical department.

NDT services, casting, blasting, welding and repair works of maritime structures such as ports, dams, and offshore installations are part of our complete subsea service package.

Subsea inspection for offshore vessels

With many years of underwater inspection experience, the services we provide are of a world-class standard. State-of-the-art equipment like 3D-sonars and ROVs in the hands of certified and experienced personnel ensures excellent value for money.

Our engineering partners, employing over 1,000 engineers, evaluate and give structural advice as a complement to the photo/sonar images and diver’s hands on results.

Inspection is the prime tool to prevent structural failures and loss of production. Our new marine inventory system (MIS) is the optimal solution once the structure owners focus on the extended life span of their valuable maritime assets. The client will receive exclusive access, via unique password, to our MIS database and all MIS-inspected structures.

Whether clients need preventative documentation, or checking for damaged pipelines, cracks in dams or deteriorated concrete, an MIS client will be perfectly updated on all the following issues:

  • Up to date drawings
  • 2D and 3D images and films
  • Diving inspection with video and photo documentation
  • Each irregularity evaluated in respect of risk, cost and structural impact
  • Chloride content evaluation
  • Erosion risks
  • Bathymetric maps, side scan sonar, multi-beam echo sounder and 3D sonar combined as one
  • Environmental issues

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