Sypack’s aim is to provide its customers in the offshore industry with cost-effective solutions across a broad range of products and systems. Netherlands-based Sypack believes in a strong focus on quality and performance as the basis of a successful business. The organisation is specialised in designing and supplying systems and packages for the offshore oil and gas industry. One of the main activities is the design and supply of helicopter refuelling systems for offshore applications.

Helicopter refuelling systems

Sypack designs and supplies helicopter refuelling systems to customer requirements and conforms to local and/or international regulations. Our systems are successfully in use on offshore production platforms, drilling rigs, support vessels, FSOs and FPSOs, wind farms, drilling ships, naval ships and luxury yachts.

Each helicopter refuelling system comes standard with the following equipment:

  • Tank lay down skid or jettison platform
  • Deluge system
  • Storage tank
  • Fuel pump(s)
  • Filter / water separator
  • Filter monitor
  • Air eliminators
  • Local control panel
  • Hose reel with filling nozzle
  • Earth prover system
  • Flow meter

Storage tanks

The storage tanks can be either mounted on the skid or installed separately. A common volume of a jet fuel storage tank is approximately 3,000l; however, every other required volume is possible. Tanks are manufactured from stainless steel.

It is Sypack's policy to ensure that the company operates in a manner which is safe and without risk to health.
Sypack developed an effective quality system based on ISO 9001-2008, which is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping.
Sypack's environmental policy is to show our commitment to continual improvement in preventing pollution.
A sense of right rather than wrong underpins all Sypack's operations, so we are bound by a strict ethical policy.
Sypack gives all second parties an equal opportunity without favouritism.
During operation of a Helicopter Refuelling System, certain operational parts are required. Sypack keeps stock of a comprehensive range of parts.


Sypack developed an effective quality system based on ISO 9001-2008, which is certified by the American Bureau of Shipping. Because of this we ensure that all requirements of a requisition and agreed documents are achieved. An integral part of quality assurance is that Sypack will submit a quality assurance plan, which will be subject to approval by the client.

The implementation of this quality plan allows monitoring by the client and / or third party. Sypack ensures that both technical and QA requirements specified in the enquiry and purchase documents are applied to all materials and services provided by sub-contractors.

Service, maintenance and training

In order to extend the lifetime and to maintain proper and safe operation of the equipment, we can offer our clients service management for maintenance and inspection.

We will provide the client with a maintenance plan which is compiled based on experience, good sense and of course the wishes of the client. We have the knowledge to enhance the reliability and to maximise the availability. After a system has been installed and commissioned, we can provide training to its future operators. During this training the following topics will be discussed:

  • Explanation of the rules and regulations
  • Basic equipment functionality
  • Operating the helicopter refuel system
  • Daily operations
  • Safety features and controls
  • First line maintenance