Inspection expediting services

Tech Team Associates is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company that provides quality control and quality assurance services for every requirement. Services range from individual tasks to complete project quality management solutions, from design through to commissioning.

Whether you are manufacturing equipment, building or maintaining an offshore facility, or installing a refrigeration system, the quality of the product is vital. Tech Team Associates’ independently accredited statutory certification services ensure that your equipment can be sold or operated in accordance with local or international legislation.

Tech Team Associates is willing to provide custom services, cooperating with clients and accepting proposals and conditions. All of the company’s inspectors are qualified for major oil and gas companies such as Saudi Aramco, BP, Shell, Petrobras, ConocoPhillips and FMC Technologies.

Tech Team Associates provides quality control and quality assurance services for every requirement.
The company will provide quality management services for your project.
Tech Team Associates is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.
Ultrasonic testing.
Inspection on forgings.

Project quality management services

Tech Team Associates will monitor and control every quality aspect of your project, from independent third-party vendor inspection at the purchasing stage, through to on-site quality monitoring during construction.

Vendor audits

The company’s quality assurance engineers carry out pre-contract award surveys, supplier evaluations, third-party quality assurance audits and vendor surveillance. Supplier evaluation includes, but is not limited to, details of the vendor’s quality system, traceability, capacity, current workload, manpower, affiliations, history / client base and number of personnel and their qualifications.

Vendor inspection

Vendor inspection is sometimes referred to as source inspection or third-party inspection. It covers inspection activities performed at a manufacturer’s works for all types of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and instrumentation equipment purchased by clients within the petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Tech Team Associates is able to accommodate single orders as well as major vendor inspection projects and contracts. The company can provide experienced technical personnel from an extensive international network of experienced, qualified and internally assessed inspectors. Its vendor inspection philosophy is to manage the client’s procurement inspection quality assurance in the field. In Europe alone, Tech Team Associates carries out an average of over 300 vendor inspection visits a month.

Vendor expediting

Expediting is the continuous process, commencing at the time of order placement, of ensuring that final delivery of goods and documentation to a job site is achieved within the shortest possible timeframe. Tech Team Associates’ expeditors are skilled in production planning and manufacturing processes for all major industrial disciplines and equipment. They are able to work with the manufacturer to identify delays and potential problems with a view to maintaining schedules and, if required, initiating remedial action to get production activities back on schedule.

Tech Team Associates provides clients with expediting options along with justifications, with full consideration to minimising expediting costs on a job against frequency (effectiveness) of expediting and the cost implications of late deliveries. Agreed budgets are carefully controlled by the company’s in-house computerised system, and budgetary status reports can be generated automatically.

Pipe mill surveillance and steel mill inspection

Tech Team Associates’ mill surveillance inspections assure clients that the pipe or steel being produced is available for their projects and is in compliance with required specifications, codes and standards. The company’s services cover not only line pipe and steel production, but also include tubular goods, including drill pipes and specialised casings. Its knowledge and experience is offered Europe-wide for the following services:

  • Material receiving inspection
  • Material control evaluation
  • Procedure verification
  • Production surveillance
  • Traceability surveillance
  • Laboratory material testing surveillance
  • Non-destructive testing surveillance (UT, MT, PT, RT and VT)
  • Hydrostatic testing surveillance
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • Identification inspection
  • Claim evaluation and inspection
  • Safety inspection
  • Thread gauging (including specialist thread geometries)
  • Coating inspection

Coating surveillance

Tech Team Associates’ coating surveillance services provide assurance to clients that the application of their coating systems is in compliance with required specifications, codes and standards. The company is experienced in the application and inspection of various types of industry coatings and paint systems, including epoxy coatings, weight coating such as concrete, tape coating and butumastic hot coating. It offers the following coating services Europe-wide:

  • Internal lining inspection
  • External coatings inspection
  • Weight / concrete coating inspection
  • Laboratory testing surveillance
  • Anode inspection

Steel manufacturing

Tech Team Associates offers the following steel manufacturing services Europe-wide:

  • Material verification and inspection
  • Coil and plate production inspection
  • Inventory inspection and control