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Multidirectional Transfer Cart with Lifting and Tilting Deck

12t transfer cart with lifting and tilting deck

Morello designed and manufactured a very special battery multidirectional transfer cart for tubes handling up to 28m long. This transfer cart can transport tubes, lift them by 1,000mm, tilt the loading deck to roll them on the conveyor.

To achieve this goal it is completely multidirectional: it can make any kind of steering (90°, diagonal, 360°) to be has much flexible as possible.

The loading deck can lift by 1,000mm, thanks to n°2 hydraulic lifting platforms and can tilt gradually by ± 5°. On the loading deck, there are n° 12 + 12 motorized flaps to contain the tubes.

Drive and steering are fully electric and are managed by a PLC with MORELLO software.

This trolley is designed to work as outdoor as indoor with temperature from -20°C to 45°C.

It is equipped with a remote assistance board that allow to provide assistance on PLC directly from Morello offices.

Dimensions, loading platform superstructure, speed and many others features can be customized as per customer request.

OMNI-E DR 2/12

12t – 22,000mm x 3,000mm

Main features:

  • Steering: Multidirectional (90°, diagonal / crab, carousel / 360°)
  • Power supply: Battery
  • Drive engines: AC motors
  • Steering engines: AC motors
  • Capacity: 12t
  • Dimensions: 22,000mm x 3,000mm
  • Travel speed: 20m/min with full load
  • Lifting stroke: 1,000mm
  • Wheels: N°8 rubber wheels
  • Battery life: four hours
  • Command: wired pendant + remote controller
  • Superstructures: N°12+12 motorized flaps for load containment
  • Climbing ability: 4% slopes
  • On request: ATEX / IEC Ex / Hazloc conform

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