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Battery Trolleys, Material-Handling Equipment, Transfer Carts, Tilters, Self-Propelled and Industrial Trailers

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The MORELLO Company manufactures a wide range of battery trolleys, transfer carts and industrial trailers that operate in a variety of fields, such as oil and gas, shipyards, iron, metallurgy, automotive, paper mills, chemical plants, energetic, aeronautic, aerospace, ports and prefabrication.

We also design and manufacture lifting platforms, tilters and equipment to meet the customer’s specific production cycle.

Battery-powered electric trolleys

Battery-powered electric trolleys are the perfect device where clients require delicate handling solutions in very narrow spaces.

These vehicles can steer in any direction, enabling easy manoeuvring. This makes them ideal in overcoming limited spaces and strictly constrained paths.

Explosion-proof, battery-powered trolley with a capacity of up to 200t and is rated by ATEX and IECEx. Dimensions and other customisations on request.
Battery-powered, self-propelled trailer with platform for lifting pallets and other structures without using cranes. Dimensions, capacity and other customisations on request.
Battery-powered electric trolley with driver cabin for quicker, continuous work. Dimensions, capacity and other customisations on request.
Battery-powered electric trolley with lifting platform and manual steering, with a capacity of up to 4t. Dimensions and other customisations on request.
Electric transfer cart on rails, which is powered by battery or electric grid. Dimensions, capacity and other customisations on request
Tilter for tilting heavy objects by 90° and 180°. Dimensions, capacity and other customisations on request.

The design of each self-propelled battery trailer is preceded by a preliminary study of the client’s specific needs, as well as their consequent use and conditions.

ATEX and IECEx-rated explosion-proof battery electric trolleys

The MORELLO Company has recently developed highly customisable explosion-proof, battery electric trolleys and electric self-propelled trailers for hazardous areas, such as offshore platforms, floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) units and floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) facilities.

These powered carts are rated by ATEX and IECEx and due to their omnidirectional steering (carousel, 90°, diagonal, crab and compass), they are suitable for handling bundles and any other equipment in small spaces and on low-resistance flooring.

Self-propelled trailers on rails and transfer carts

Transfer carts on rail are used to handle any type of load, regardless of its size or weight, on a defined runtime. They represent the most cost-effective handling solution for regular production cycles.

The most common uses include:

  • Connect different bays of an industrial plant
  • Connect a production area with a warehouse or a yard
  • Automatic feeding of a production area
  • Relieve overhead cranes work

Tilters, lifting platforms and special handling equipment

The MORELLO Company designs and produces various types of handling equipment for all kinds of heavy loads.

Tilters are useful for turning various items of 90° and 180°, making them the safest way to turn heavy objects.

We also manufacture lifting platforms with a capacity of up to 350t, as well as additional handling equipment that is designed for every customer’s needs.


The MORELLO Company provides a wide range of solutions for the transportation and handling of heavy-duty materials across a variety of industries.

Equipped with the most up-to-date information technology systems, we offer standard and customised solutions that are specially designed to solve specific and complex handling needs.

The diversity of the industries we operate in have enabled us to acquire a large wealth of experience in every type of operation, making us the ideal partner to overcome material handling problems in even the most critical environments.

With expertise in both design commercial and administrative flexibility at its disposal, the MORELLO Company works directly with engineering companies, manufacturers and plants worldwide.

Our employees direct their efforts to providing reliable products, prompt answers, early deliveries, a high-quality performance and an efficient after-sales service to all of MORELLO’s existing and future customers.

White Papers

  • OMNI Battery Powered Trolley

    OMNI is perfect for handling both small and extremely large loads thanks to its modular design and its high payloads: more than 200t for each trolley.

  • Industrial Trailers

    Since 1946, Morello has been involved in solving problems related to the transportation and handling of materials in any type of firm.

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