Alara-Lukagro designed and produced a beveling stationon behalf of and in cooperation with Innovative Input.

Road blocks, heavy equipment and extensive planning were needed to get the offshore beveling station to its final destination. The beveling station, designed and produced by Alara-Lukagro on behalf of and in cooperation with Innovative Input, needed to be produced and transported as a whole. Finally, the station arrived at the largest pipe layer / heavy-lift vessel in the world where it was mounted on deck.

In order to enable the pipe layer / heavy-lift vessel to handle different pipe lengths, the bevel station is designed in a way it can be removed, lifted and connected to several locations on deck. During beveling operations it provides the operators shelter against wind and water. The integrated overhead crane provides the means to manipulate the beveling equipment.

The beveling station is designed and produced according a custom set of DNV codes for its DNV certification. The station features two entrance doors, padeyes for lifting, a cage ladder to reach the internal inspection platform and the rooflevel, ventilation system, integrated overhead crane delivered by Innovative Input, electric system and removable floor panels for maintenance. Besides engineering and production, Alara-Lukagro also finished the beveling station with a three-layer offshore coating system.