Vibratec Akustikprodukter combines sophisticated computer calculations with years of experience in the field of shock, vibration and noise reduction, to help clients choose the optimal solution for the required application.

The company offers a wide variety of products for noise and vibration control in buildings, industry, on board ships and on offshore platforms.

Gas turbine generators and compressors

Vibratec manufacture and supply proven, weather-proof offshore isolators that suspend heavy turbine units.

The company’s customised heavy-duty spring and cushion vibration isolators are suitable for outdoor offshore and marine installations. The structure is often manufactured in S355J2G3 steel and painted according to offshore specifications. All other steel parts are made with AISI 316 stainless-steel and covered with OKS2000 wax.

Vibratec Akustikprodukter offers years of experience in the field of shock, vibration and noise reduction.
Cable mounts offer excellent protection against mechanical shock and jolts for electrical cabinets, computers and electronics.
We offer vibration isolation solutions for engines and machinery.
Our vibration isolation solutions cover most industrial machines and noise generating equipment.
Vibratec provides a range of products for noise and vibration control in buildings, industry, on board ships and on offshore platforms.

Manufactured to resist high-environmental demands and external forces such as accidental loads, wind and waves, the spring isolators are designed for relatively low-resonance frequencies, whereas the cushion isolators are used for medium to high-resonance frequencies.

Noise-reducing enclosures

Sound-insulating enclosures decrease noise transfer between the source and the recipient.

Vibratec delivers modular standard and customised systems based on the client’s sound reduction, fire-resistance characteristics and material specifications. For offshore application the enclosures are made in AISI 316 stainless-steel together with all necessary documentation needed.

The company measures the final sound reduction on the assembled enclosure, so it satisfies ensuring that the enclosure lives up to our promised values.

On-site installations on offshore platforms

Vibratec has a number of employees that can undertake various installation jobs, measurements and surveys on offshore units.

Thorough investigations and skilled personnel are vital for a correct design and installation, and in the end optimal function.

Vibratec typically undertakes jobs within noise and vibration control as complete projects involving AVMs, exhaust and ventilation silencers, damping treatment of steel decks, pipe dampers, noise enclosures and tuned mass dampers (TMDs).

A site survey prior to a project or preparation of budget for executing can also be performed by Vibratec. If additional measurements of noise and vibration are required, the company can perform vibration and sound measurements for internal use for engineering purposes or for control of obtained noise reduction.

Vibration isolation of propulsion engines, auxiliary engines and gearboxes

Vibratec delivers standard and tailor-made isolators for medium and high-speed engines.

Vibration isolators are selected to match the exact installation of engine, gearbox, shaft and coupling.

Elastic suspension of exhaust and other types of pipes

Vibratec offers a wide range of vibration isolators (fixed points, hangers, sliding points, pipe clamps) for exhaust pipes and other types of suspended pipes. The company recommends stainless-steel isolators to ensure long-term, problem-free outdoor and offshore installations.

Vibratec may provide complete proposals, including 2D or 3D drawings and stress calculations considering parameters for loads, accelerations, pressure, thermal expansion and surrounding structures.

Structure borne noise

Annoying noise and vibration can spread and appear in apartments, living quarters and cabins.

Vibratec can plan solutions and remedy structure borne noise problems by using high-performance floating floors, suspended walls and ceiling, and visco-elastic damping compound.

Expansion joints

In order to prolong the life of pipes and connected equipment, Vibratec provides flexible pipe connections (expansion joints), which absorb thermal expansion, vibration, movements, and misalignment.

The company offers a range of standard compensators for exhaust pipes, as well as customised expansions joints in a variety of materials and designs.

Shock protection

Vibratec designs and manufactures in-house a full range of wire rope isolators (cable mounts). In addition to standard size products, the company offers customised solutions for shock protection for humans and sensitive equipment.

Cable mounts offer excellent protection against mechanical shock and jolts for components such as electrical cabinets, computers, electronics. Vibratec performs comprehensive shock calculations based on customer-provided shock spectra, pulse types and rest shock requirements.

Exhaust silencers

Vibratec offers a complete range of standard exhaust silencers for diesel engines, and we stock carefully selected models in both in Sweden and Norway. Client-defined parameters for noise level and back pressure are used as input to the company’s proprietory software tool, enabling it to select the silencer best suited for the application.

Furthermore, Vibratec designs and delivers steam vent silencers, suction and discharge pulsation dampers, baffle silencers for gas turbines, and other applications.

Industrial solutions

Vibratec offers vibration isolation solutions for most industrial machines and noise generating equipment, such as punching machines, presses, grinders, mills, laths, compressors, fans and pumps.

The company has a wide range of springs, rubber and synthetic material that can be customised according to the client’s noise and vibration requirements.

About Vibratec Akustikprodukter

Founded in 1988, Vibratec has offices in Sweden, Norway and Estonia, as well as representatives worldwide.

The company’s highly qualified engineers use the latest technology for calculating, designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products and solutions. Together with universities and well-known laboratories, Vibratec participates in research activities and testing of new technologies in vibration and noise reduction.