OMS recently visited a European client in the aviation business. Our client needed to inspect a large quantity of fuel line that was buried underground and difficult to access. They were concerned that pipeline defects meant they would need to dig up their pipe in order to repair it, an expensive and time-consuming process.

OMS was able to present a different plan. Our engineers would attend the site and inspect the pipes with our award-winning weld inspection system, deployed via our AGILITY range robotic crawlers, which are capable of accessing even the most difficult-to-reach pipeline sections. Any defects could be identified in situ, removing the need to dig up the pipe to inspect it. If any sections were identified with defects severe enough to require digging up, would inform the client of the precise location.

Our approach saved our client money by providing a thorough inspection of the pipeline in place. We were able to pinpoint areas of fatigue and weld defects remotely, indicating issues that could cause problems in the future.

Following completion of the inspection stage, we returned to this project with our new SmartGrind service, to remediate defective welds without having to dig the pipe up.

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