Subsea Innovation Ltd. Offshore Equipment Handling Systems, Pipeline Repair / Recovery Systems and Subsea Sealing Systems

Formed in 1985 by a team of experienced engineers and diving professionals, Subsea Innovation is a company dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art engineering products to the offshore oil and gas and energy industries throughout the world.

An impressive track record coupled with an underlying commitment to continuous improvement has seen Subsea Innovation gain world-class pedigree from a balance of hands on experience and a desire to provide innovative technologies. This is clearly demonstrated by the ongoing performance of Subsea Innovation products in the field.

Through its dedicated team of highly-skilled engineers, designers and technicians based in the north-east of England, Subsea Innovation continues to retain its status as a recognised world leader in the design and manufacture of highly sophisticated marine engineering solutions.

The extensive product range can be split into the following categories:

  • Offshore equipment handling systems
  • Pipeline repair / recovery systems
  • Subsea sealing systems

Launch and recovery systems (LARS)

All launch and recovery systems (LARS) are designed, constructed and tested according to DNV’s standard for certification of lifting appliances 2.22 October 2008. Over 100 A-frames have been delivered and the designs and construction has evolved over 20 years of operational experience.

We have produced bespoke A-Frames alongside eight standard models for ROV handling:

  • XWM-90 LARS
  • XW-90 LARS
  • XS-90 LARS
  • HF-135 LARS
  • HFM-135 LARS
  • XT-90 LARS
  • XX-90 LARS
  • FT-90 LARS

These models are suitable for both deck ROV handling and hangar ROV handling of ROVs, ranging from 5t observation ROV systems to 25t trencher systems, including a failsafe cursor system.

A complete LARS that includes A-frame, TMS, umbilical winch and HPU, or individual units, can be supplied to integrate with your existing system.

Tether management systems

Subsea Innovation’s tether management systems (TMS) are designed, constructed and tested according to DNV’s standard for certification of lifting appliances 2.22.

Two variations of TMS are currently available:

  • TMS-PF
  • TMS-SF

All systems are supplied with the ROV umbilical termination socket and an optional TMS hydraulic power unit can be provided for deck testing and hydraulic priming.

Moon pool systems

Multi purpose handling systems (MPHS) have been developed for use with a wide variety of subsea tools, they are designed, constructed and tested according to DNV’s standard for certification of lifting appliances 2.22 October 2008.

The MPHS can be designed and manufactured units for lifting 10t, 25t, 35t and 60t with design integrity of up to 80t. It sits over the moon pool of the vessel and lowers tools subsea on a main-lift winch. These systems enable a safe and cost-effective solution to both module handling and moon pool ROV handling.

A complete skidding system is supplied that provides a storage and rail system to transport the tools into the MPHS. Storage slots are modular allowing additional sections to be added, the tools are moved using a hydraulic push / pull unit.

Subsea Innovation tracks record, including basic tower and skid systems, to the full turnkey solution including remote controls, automated sheave positional system, subsea camera and total active heave compensation (AHC) systems.

Emergency pull-off connectors

A system for protecting subsea tools and templates from potential damage caused by vessel dynamic positioning run-off. The use of a weak link has become a client-specified requirement on the majority of operations involving template intervention.

The emergency pull-off connector (EPC) is a mechanical coupling operated by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), designed for a safe working load of 50t. When the connector is set into shear mode it will disconnect at the required load.

Pipeline repair systems

A world leader in the supply of split sleeve pipeline repair clamps, Subsea Innovation has supplied over 50 systems to major operators around the world. Our pipeline repair clamp provides a field proven solution for sealing subsea pipelines using split sleeve technology. The complete service is provided, from design and production through to offshore installation.
Three variations of the clamps are available:

  • Diver installed / topside clamps
  • ROV installed clamps
  • Structural repair clamps

Pipeline clamp technology

A wide range of clamping systems have been designed specifically to suit clients individual project requirements. Clamp designs vary from split frictional clamps, for low axial loads, to modules fitted with the SIGrip™ collet system for increased holding capability.
Clamping solutions can be fitted with seal assemblies, typically used on riser / umbilical hang-off systems. Pipeline recovery clamps can be installed subsea as an ROV installed clamp using hydraulic intervention, or as a diver installed clamp via an ISO 13628-8 class IV torque tool.

All products listed below are subject to third party verification and a factory acceptance test that simulates offshore conditions.

  • SIGrip™ riser hang-off clamps
  • SIGrip™ pipeline recovery clamps
  • SIGrip™ pipeline connectors

Stack reinforcement systems

This equipment provides long-term reinforcement to the subsea annular cavity in a flare stack.
The equipment is commissioned offshore by Subsea Innovations service engineers and is completely installed by ROV. It was successfully used to repair three flare stack legs off the coast of Egypt.

Subsea sealing solutions

Subsea Innovation design and manufacture a wide range of standard and bespoke pipeline sealing solutions to suit our clients’ specific requirements.

Sealing solutions using elastomeric seals can be provided for operating temperatures between -40°C to +180°C and for pressures from 0bar to 500bar. Higher temperatures can be accommodated using graphite seals.

Seal activation methods can vary from an active design, incorporating a self-sealing principle, to mechanical or hydraulic methods. Seals can be fitted with ROV torque tool receptacles or ROV hot stabs and receptacles for hydraulic activation.

Examples of typical sealing solutions are:

  • ROV activated J-tube seals
  • Passive J-tube seals
  • Diver Installed J-tube seals
  • Riser seals
  • Pipe-in-pipe waterstop seals

In addition to product supply Subsea Innovation provides supervision services to oversee the successful deployment and installation of its equipment. The company provides an after care service and can supply spare and replacement parts for the full range of its products.

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Subsea Sealing Solutions and Riser Hang-off Equipment

With over 25 years industry experience, Subsea Innovation designs and manufactures an extensive range of standard and bespoke subsea sealing solutions to suit clients' specific project requirements.

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