Trans-Asia Pipeline Services is a pipeline services company that specialises in providing pipeline and process services to the growing Middle East oil and gas industry.

Through our offices in UAE, India and Singapore, we provide a wide range of pipeline and process services, and have successfully completed projects in the Middle East, South-East Asia and India for oil companies and EPC contractors. We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO-14001:2004, OHSAS-18001-2007 accredited company complying with all international standards.

Offshore and onshore pipeline services

We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians and operators who together can deliver professional expertise and quality service within the specified time frame. We have a good inventory of all equipment / instruments required for carrying out pigging, hydro testing, dewatering, drying (using air and nitrogen), nitrogen purging / inerting and nitrogen helium leak testing, and chemical cleaning activities for both offshore and onshore pipeline projects.

With an excellent network of renowned principals and suppliers, we are confident of understanding the client’s specific needs and enquiries, whilst offering our competent services at the best of industry standards.

Trans Asia Pipeline Services provides filling pumps for the offshore industry.
We also offer pressure pumps.
We offer drying equipment, which uses air and nitrogen.
We offer vaporisers for the offshore industry.
A chemical flushing unit from Trans Asia Pipeline Services.

Caliper / intelligent pigging services

For running smart tools (caliper / intelligent pigging) we have associated ourselves with a German-based company to carry out the above activities. We are also a member of the Pigging Products and Services Association in the UK.

Pipeline pre-commissioning and commissioning services

Trans-Asia Pipeline Services offers the following pipeline services:

  • Flooding, cleaning and hydrotesting 
  • Pneumatic testing of pipelines
  • Dewatering of pipelines 
  • Drying of pipelines by vacuum, nitrogen or air
  • High-volume fluid pumping 
  • Nitrogen purging and displacement
  • Glycol and methanol swabbing
  • Calliper pigging of pipelines
  • Intelligent pigging of pipelines

We provide the following process services:

  • Nitrogen helium leak detection
  • Nitrogen purging and testing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Oil flushing
  • Bolt tensioning and torquing

Experienced pipeline and process service providers

Trans-Asia Pipeline Services has a qualified and experienced management and operational team (both in pipeline and process activities) and an explicit track record, which makes us successful service providers in pipeline pre-commissioning and commissioning services.

We at Trans-Asia Pipeline Services are committed to customer / client satisfaction at every level of our operations, both in terms of safety and quality service.