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Specialist HDPE Pipe-Joining Equipment for the Marine Sector

Caldervale Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of electrofusion and butt-fusion equipment for 16mm-1,200mm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pipe systems.

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Caldervale Technology specialises in the design and manufacture of electrofusion and butt-fusion equipment for 16mm-1,200mm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic pipe systems.

Our products are designed to increase productivity and allow for easier installation operations, while removing risks of failed weld joints.

Solutions are routinely used on gas and water networks worldwide and have been recognised across the offshore production industry for their reliability and efficiency.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe tools for the oil and gas industry

Caldertech has an extensive catalogue of more than 300 pipe fusion products and tools, making it well-equipped to address clients’ HDPE installation requirements across a range of pipe sizes and SDR ratings.

Caldertech’s 710mm pipe rollers are used for a variety of butt-welding applications, and feature a flat storage design for when not in use.
Gator automatic butt-welding machines deliver optimised precision and control during the fusion process, and are manufactured to meet the GIS / PL2-3:2006 and ISO 12176-1:2012 standards.
Gator automatic butt-welding machines are designed for use on HDPE gas and water pipes, and are available in 180mm, 250mm and 400mm size configurations.
Caldertech’s Jointmaster pipe clamps feature self-centring jaws for sizes ranging from 63mm-180mm, and are also suitable for application with 45° and 90° fittings.
Our Uniprep 7 has been designed for preparing HDPE pipes for fusing by removing the surface layer of material prior to welding. They are intended for use with 630mm-1,200mm diameter pipes.
Caldertech’s mains clamp is a clamping device and re-rounding tool in one, and is available in both two-way and three-way configurations for pipe sizes 63mm-250mm with reducing liners.
Caldertech’s electrofusion welders are designed to be economical, reliable and effective tools, while delivering a long service-life of more than seven years. They are capable of welding all types of fittings in diameters up to 1,200mm.
Our array of HDPE squeeze tools are available for all pipes ranging 16mm-315mm in diameter, and are intended for the temporary stopping of fluid in emergency situations.
Caldertech’s Uniprep pipe- scraping tools remove the surface layer of HDPE pipe easily in one uniform pass, efficiently and quickly preparing pipe components for welding. They are available in sizes from 63mm–1200mm.

Some of the tooling we offer includes the Gator Automatic butt fusion machine, electrofusion welders and equipment for pipes such as rotary peelers, clamps and positioning kits, pipe cutting and de-beading tools, as well as squeeze-off and re-rounding equipment.

Calibration and repair of welding equipment for marine worksites

Caldertech offers a full range of support services at its facilities in Perth, Western Australia, or alternatively through its dedicated team of service agents across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Our in-house team of technicians are trained to the highest standards, and possess all the knowledge and expertise needed to carry out thorough diagnostic tests, repairs and calibration of clients’ welding units.

Caldertech personnel make use of the company’s calibrated test equipment, combined with the latest service information supplied by the manufacturer in order to ensure nothing but the highest quality maintenance results.

Our repair services have been proven to reduce ownership costs and extend the service life of essential worksite equipment and machinery.

Mobile weld data gathering technology for all welded joints

Caldertech ensures the long-term performance of your company’s HDPE assets from the very beginning by capturing critical weld information at the point of installation.

Caldersafe Mobile uses Bluetooth technology to gather weld data for all butt-fusion and electrofusion joints. Information and images are sent directly to your email account, allowing you to identify and rectify non-conforming joints. This process has improved the standard of welding across the gas and oil industry.

ISO9001-approved equipment for oil and gas operations

The company manufactures all its butt-fusion and electrofusion welding products in-house across its three UK-based production sites.

We remain committed to maintaining the premium build quality of our products, as well as ensuring we meet the ISO9001 and ISO14000 and AU / NZ Standards.

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