calder griffonCaldertech is pleased to announce that demand for its lightweight electrofusion welder, the Calder Griffon, has been consistently impressive since its initial launch in March 2017.

A combination of Caldervale Technology’s reliable electronics and the weight reduction to 12kg per unit has captured the plumbers / civils markets install HDPE pipe sizes up to 200mm.

The Calder Griffon is full of features to help installers’ productivity and capture weld data.

  • Weld all brands of fittings up to 200mm (max 500sec)
  • Enter weld times: Automatic recognition Fusamatic, Barcode scanning and Manual entry
  • 8v-48v ouput
  • Quick start function: Turn the unit on and begin welding without seeing the start-up screens
  • Downloadable weld data using a USB stick 2000 record capacity
  • Caldersafe Mobile compatible – a complete quality assurance system

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