Interpipe is a global steel pipe producer and one of the top ten largest producers of seamless pipes in the world. The company’s production facilities are located in the heart of Europe, a region with highly developed infrastructure and which, logistics-wise, is well connected to serve the fastest growing markets, such as the CIS, MENA and Asia, via Black Sea ports. About one million tonnes of steel pipes were produced in 2011.

Interpipe supplies tubular and wheel products to clients from 80 different countries all around the world, via a network of sales offices, located in the key markets of the CIS, Middle East, North America and Europe.

These include companies involved in oil and gas production and transportation, machinery-building enterprises, construction firms, manufacturers of fabricated metals, companies supplying water and gas pipelines, mining and power industry companies and other industrial and municipal firms.

Expert solutions for oil and gas industries

Interpipe’s long experience and understanding of the oil and gas business means the company can offer tailored solutions for clients and create long-term partnerships with them.

Interpipe's mills boast world-class pipe manufacturing capabilities for offshore applications.
The company offers a range of products for exploration, extraction and transportation of oil and gas.
Interpipe manufactures casing and tubing OCTG pipes, seamless and welded line pipes.
Interpipe's products are applied in diverse hostile environments as basic elements for submerged pumps and engines.

Working in tandem with its clients, the company allows efficiency increases in exploration work and cost reductions for oil extraction operations. Above all, we provide reliability, ensuring secure strategic oil and gas pipelines.

By opening trade offices in strategic regions around the world, the business can meet its clients’ needs by directly reducing communication distances and optimising order processing and implementation.

The quality of the company is recognised by international standards and strong partnerships with such companies as Gazpromneft, Lukoil, Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz, Transneft, Kaztransoil, Kaztransgaz, Turkmenneft, Uzbekneftegaz, Ukrnafta, Ukrgazdobycha, SOCAR, Kuwait Oil Company, Oil India, Syrian Petroleum and Orient Petroleum and SITEP.

The Interpipe product portfolio is focused on creating value-added and technological advantages for companies extracting and transporting oil and gas.

Reliable and easy-to-deal with pipe supplier

Readiness and willingness to consider special customer requirements with respect to chemical composition, wall thickness, length, tonnages and so on enables Interpipe to provide its customers with the best business solutions available on the market, optimising their timetable and resources.

To bring the company closer to its clients, Interpipe guarantees availability of storage areas and warehouses on strategic markets, located in immediate proximity to the customers, including large and growing offices in North America and the Middle East, where Interpipe has built an extensive customer base.

Quality focused pipe producer

Interpipe considers quality control as a key part of the activities to manufacture products, exceeding customer needs.

Quality control for pipe products is implemented at all stages of the production process, starting with continuous casting at the in-house steel melting mill, on to non-destructive testing of pipe body and pipe ends and finally shipping to customers.

The quality of the company’s pipe products is approved by international standards API 5CT, API 5L, EN (DIN), ASTM, JIS, GOST and customer specifications.

Wide range of pipe products for exploration and extraction

Interpipe is always focused on meeting exact customer requirements and the field of its application. It produces a comprehensive range of products for exploration, extraction and transportation of oil and gas. Including:

  • tubing OCTG pipes with outside diameter from 4 1∕2in to 13 3∕8in (114.3 – 339.73 mm)
  • casing OCTG pipes with outside diameter from 2 3∕8in to 4 1∕2in (60.32-114.3 mm)
  • welded line pipes with outside diameter from 6in to 20in According to EN 10208-1 and EN 10208-2 standards
  • seamless line pipes with outside diameter from 2in to 14in
  • special pipes and premium connections.

Pipes are supplied with marking, according to standard and customer requests. Marking is paint and / or die stencilled on the ends of pipes. The same data, as well as additional information per each costumer’s request, is indicated on the bundle’s tags.

Pipes for offshore oil and gas exploration

Being focused on satisfying the needs of oil and gas companies, Interpipe offers a range of products for downhole equipment. These products can be applied in diverse hostile environments as basic elements for submerged pumps and engines.

Pipes used for downholes are made of steel sustaining high gravity or pressures. These pipes have close tolerances and high straightness.

Ukrainian Premium Joint

Interpipe developed the Ukrainian Premium Joint (UPJ) for the construction of horizontal and directional oil and gas wells, exploiting under complex geological conditions.

This joint is highly hermetic and possesses high durability and resistance. UPJ specification and service performances are equal to similar constructions used in the global practice of oil and gas production.

UPJ was certificated for tubing in March 2006 and for casing in November 2006. Rig tests were held by the largest Russian company VINIGAZ Gazprom.