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Seamless and Welded Titanium Tubes and Pipes

VSMPO Titan Scandinavia AB and VSMPO Titan Ukraine Ltd. are members of the world's largest titanium integrated producer and supplier, VSMPO-AVISMA Corp. from Russia.


VSMPO Titan Scandinavia AB and VSMPO Titan Ukraine Ltd are members of the world’s largest titanium integrated producer and supplier VSMPO-AVISMA Corp of Russia.

VSMPO Titan Ukraine is a production facility located in Nikopol, Ukraine, that has produced seamless titanium tubes since 1964 and welded titanium tubes since 2013. It is one of the world’s biggest special-purpose tube works focused on manufacturing seamless cold-worked tubes from titanium alloys. The company’s enterprise area consists of a manufacturing building, management office and auxiliary buildings and premises. The total area of the territory is an impressive 153,000m², with 54,000m² of it being the manufacturing building.

VSMPO Titan Scandinavia is the headquarters and global sales office of the business, located in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The company produces seamless titanium tubes and pipes for industries, that include power generation, oil and gas, shipbuilding and chemical processing, aircraft building and medicine. Its products have been used in several projects for Pemex, Qatar Gas, Maersk Qatar and Exxon.

Shipments of seamless tubular products to Russia and the rest of the world reaches more than 300t annually. Orders completely conform to customers’ requirements, with quality and delivery time guaranteed.

VSMPO Titan Ukraine is developing new technologies for titanium tube production and types of products such as drop-shaped, octahedral and ribbed tubes and thin-wall tubes for bellows.
VSMPO Titan Ukraine provides pipes from titanium alloys according to ASTM B861 and Norsok standards.
The main application for pipes with large ODs are in the processing industry, fire suppression systems and the marine industry.
Outside diameters of manufactured tubings range from 2mm to 114mm, wall thicknesses from 0.2mm, and lengths measure up to 18m.
The long-length tube (up to 18m) production department of VSMPO Titan Ukraine.
New tube welding lines in Ukraine will allow manufacturing of especially thin-walled welded tubes from titanium alloys with lengths up to 30m.
The total area of VSMPO Titan Ukraine's manufacturing building is 54,000m².

Titanium products supplier

VSMPO Titan Scandinavia is an official agent of Uniti Titanium in Scandinavia. Uniti Titanium is a US company that is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of titanium products for industrial applications (plate, sheet, coil, bar, billet, seamless tubing / piping and welded tubing / piping). It is a joint venture created by two integrated titanium producers, VSMPO-AVISMA and Allegheny Technology from the US.

Certified titanium tubings

The wide range of manufactured tubings offered by VSMPO Titan Scandinavia comply with the requirements of ASTM B 338, ASTM B 861, AMS 4943, AMS 4944, AMS 4945, AMS 4946 and DIN 17861. Outside diameters range from 2mm to 114mm, wall thicknesses from 0.2mm, and lengths measure up to 18m. The tubings use different titanium alloys such as Grade 1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 3AL2.5V. VSMPO Titan Scandinavia also serves the Russian market with special alloys.

The company conforms to international manufacturing standards and quality management systems, and products are certified by German certification society TUV. It is also ISO 9001, SAE AS 9100 and ISO 14001 approved and products comply with Directive 97/23/EC. In 2012, VSMPO Titan Ukraine was certified by the US institute PRI for four special processes:

  • Materials testing laboratory
  • Chemical processing
  • Heat treating
  • Non-destructive testing

Seamless titanium tubes

After participating in Statoil’s qualification program in 2011, the company was added to the TR-2000 list of approved suppliers according to Norsok M-650, a qualification programme for special material manufacturers.

One of the criteria is manufacturing seamless titanium tubes in line with ASTM B338 and ASTM B861. Norsok qualification gives the company opportunities to take on engineering and building projects in the oil and gas industry such as shelf developments and the construction of static and floating oil and gas extracting platforms.

Uniti Titanium is also Norsok qualified for titanium bar and billet products produced by VSMPO-AVISMA and titanium plate produced at the Allegheny Ludlum Washington plate mill. Norsok approval for Titanium sheets is in progress. So far, qualification has been received for Grade 1 sheet products out of the Allegheny Ludlum Corporation Louisville facility.

New titanium tubing technology

Engineers and technical specialists at VSMPO Titan Scandinavia are always developing new technologies for the production of titanium tubes along with new types of titanium tube products. These include octahedral and ribbed tubes, thin-walled tubes for bellows and the production of long-length tubes.

VSMPO Titan Ukraine has all the equipment necessary for a wide range of tests and quality assurance inspections. The company manufactures not only according to national and international standards, but also to meet any customer’s requirements.

Welded tubing

In November 2012, two automated tube welding lines produced by ‘Olimpia 80 SRL’ were purchased for fabricating welded tubes with outside diameter from 12mm to 60.3mm, wall thickness from 0.4mm to 2.5mm and length up to 26m. Commissioning of the weld lines is completed and production started in July 2014.

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