VSMPO Titan launch slitter and new welding lines

We are pleased to announce the expansion of product range, as well as the launch of slitter and new welding lines at VSMPO Titan Ukraine production facility to service the power generation, desalination and process markets with welded titanium tubing.

In November 2012, VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation made the decision to create a high-tech site for manufacturing welded tubes from titanium alloys at the facilities of VSMPO Titan Ukraine.

The next month, VSMPO Titan Ukraine received the complex tube welding line equipment, produced by Italian company Olimpia 80 SRL. Slitting line is intended for cutting titanium coils with useful width from 500mm to 1,650mm and max weight up to 10t, as well as able to slit any material covering welding lines’ capacity.

The equipment is capable of fabricating welded titanium tubes with outside diameters from 12mm to 60.3mm with a wide range of wall thicknesses.

Implementation of the investment project will allow for the manufacturing of especially thin-walled (less than 0.5mm) welded tubes from titanium alloys with lengths of up to 30m.

For more information, please contact VSMPO.