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Stainless-Steel and Nickel Alloy Special Fasteners, Studbolts, Bolts, Nuts and Socket Capscrews

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Established in 1999, West Special Fasteners is a manufacturer of stainless-steel and nickel-alloy special fasteners. We are one of the most respected hot forgers and producers of high-integrity fasteners in the UK.

Our facilities combine the latest in induction hot forging machinery with CNC precision, and automatic and manual lathes. Our employees, many of whom are accomplished machinists from other fastener companies, are highly skilled and have years of experience. 

Stainless-steel, alloy and exotic metal special fasteners

We manufacture a wide range of special fasteners in stainless steels, alloys and exotic metals. Products can be produced to customer drawings or relevant British (BS), American (ASME and ANSI), European (DIN and UNI) or international (ISO) standards.

Products that can be manufactured in-house include hexagon head bolts, socket head capscrews, studs, hexagon nuts, socket countersunk screws, cup square bolts, socket setscrews and other specialised fasteners.

West Special Fasteners manufactures stainless-steel and nickel-alloy special fasteners for a range of industries.
We provide hexagon nuts, lock nuts and nyloc nuts in Din 934, 439, 985 and 980, and many more standards.
West Special Fasteners supplies studbolts in cut lengths and studding in full bar lengths up to 4m long in a range of standards.
We offer socket capscrews, socket countersunk screws and socket setscrews in BS4168, BS2470, Din 912, ANSI / ASME B18.3 and ISO 4762.
West Special Fasteners provides alloy, stainless-steel and exotic metal special fasteners for the offshore industry.

Hastelloy, titanium, alloy, duplex, super duplex and aluminium-bronze special fasteners

We are able to offer special fasteners in many materials, including Hastelloy®, titanium, Inconel® alloy 600, 601, 625, 718, Incoloy® alloy 800 HT, 825, Monel® alloy 400, K500, duplex UNS S31803, super duplex S32760 SA and FLT, Zeron 100®, S32550, S32750, aluminium bronze, stainless steels ASTM A193 B8M, B8, B8C, Class 1 or Class 2, A4, A4-80, A2, 316L, 304L, 904L and 310. 

We offer size ranges in M3 to M64 metric, and 3/16in to 2½in imperial can be supplied. Thread forms include UNC, UNS, UNF, BSW, BSF, Whitworth, metric and metric fine.

Hexagon, lock and nyloc nuts

Our hexagon nuts, lock nuts and nyloc nuts are available in Din 934, Din 439, Din 985, Din 980, BS3692, BS1769, BS1768, BS1083, BS4882, and ANSI / ASME B18.2.2 table 3 and 9.

Hexagon head bolts and sets

We provide hexagon head bolts and sets in BS1769, BS1768, BS1083, DIN 931, DIN 933, ANSI / ASME B18.2.1 table 2, 3, 4 and 6, ISO 4014 and ISO 4017.

Studbolts, studs and studding

We supply studbolts in cut lengths and studding in full bar lengths up to 4m long, according to Din 975, Din 976, BS4882, BS4439, Din 938, and ANSI / ASME B16.5.

Socket capscrews, countersunk screws and setscrews

We offer socket capscrews, socket countersunk screws and socket setscrews in BS4168, BS2470, Din 912, ANSI / ASME B18.3 and ISO 4762.

Washers, bolts and studs

We manufacture a range of other products, including washers, cup square bolts, fitted bolts, U bolts, slotted countersunk screws, manway studs, bobbins, connectors, flange head and 12-point head bolts, square bolts and J-bolts.

Specialist alloy and stainless-steel hot forged fasteners

West Special Fasteners is a specialist hot forger of high nickel alloys and stainless steels. We currently have four hot forging presses, which utilise customised induction-forging techniques to produce quality fasteners.

Our standard size range for forged fasteners is ¼in to 2in for imperial fasteners and M5 to M52 for metric fasteners. Standard lengths for forged fasteners are 10mm to 500mm long under the head of the fastener, dependant on the diameter.

Non-standard special fasteners

To compliment our hot forging facilities, we have a wide variety of conventional lathes, automatic lathes, CNC lathes, hydraulic presses, drilling machines and milling machines. This enables us to produce fasteners outside the standard range and length stated above. For example, M3 x 30mm long socket capscrews in Hastelloy C276®, or 1in unc x 36in long studbolts in aluminium bronze.

Products can be identified with material grade, cast numbers and the manufacturer’s initials by multitronic dot marking or by conventional impact stamping when requested. Tooling for the mechanical presses is produced in-house. Chaser dies, taps, drills and other tools can all be reground, sharpened or modified in our factory.

Exotic alloys and stainless-steel fastener materials

We stock raw materials to supply fasteners manufactured in exotic alloys and stainless steels, including:

  • Hastelloy alloy C276®
  • Inconel alloy 600® and 625®
  • Titanium grade 2 and 5
  • Monel alloy 400®
  • Super duplex (UNS S32760, UNS S32760 FLT and UNS S32760 SA)
  • Zeron 100 SA® and Zeron 100 FLT®
  • Ferralium®
  • Carpenter® 20Cb-3, alloy 20
  • Avesta 254SMO®
  • Stainless steels A4, A2, A4-80 and A2-80
  • Aluminium bronze (BS2874 CA104/M, NES 833 and NES 834)
  • Silicon bronze (UNS C65500)

Special fasteners for oil rigs

We have manufactured special fasteners in stainless steels, nickel alloys and exotic metals for the offshore oil and gas industry. This includes Inconel alloy 625 fasteners for flare tips on an oil rig.

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