Reliable power is an absolute must when you’re miles out to sea in tough conditions and the stakes are high.

When you use Kato™ generators (alternators) for main, essential or emergency power generation offshore, you gain better control over the industry’s inherent risks. Kato™ generators are the most reliable in the world.

Custom generator design

Advanced design software and an experienced engineering staff ensure your Kato™ generator meets your specific requirements.

Starting with the specification stage, Kato Engineering works with you to design a generator to match your engine or turbine while taking your entire project into consideration, whether it is for you or your customer. We examine all the variables that a reliable power system demands, such as power requirements, duty cycles, environment and paralleling needs.

Kato Engineering designs and manufactures AC generators for use in all climates and conditions.
Kato Engineering’s turbine-driven alternators provide dependable main power on platforms around the globe.
Kato Engineering’s engine-driven alternators provide reliable essential or emergency power.
Many Kato Engineering turbine generators are used on floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs).

Reliable offshore generators

Kato™ generators have the following general specifications:

  • Power rating: 500kW to 25MW, three phase
  • Speed (RPM) at 50/60Hz: 1,500/1,800, 1,000/1,200, 750/900, 600/720
  • Rotor and stator insulation: Class F or Class H with void-free 100% solids resin, vacuum-pressure impregnation
  • Efficiency: 88% to 97.5% depending on kW rating, operating speed and voltage (all Kato products use a high-grade electrical steel for high efficiency)


  • Open drip proof
  • Air filtered
  • Air-to-air heat exchanger cooled (TEAAC/CACA)
  • Air-to-water heat exchanger cooled (TEWAC/CACW)
  • IP22, IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP56

Accessories included:

  • Low temperature space heater (under 200°C) for Class I, Division 2 areas
  • RTDs in the windings and bearings
  • Voltage regulator
  • PMG
  • Flexible mounting configuration
  • Differential CTs
  • CCCT

Available options (partial list):

  • Surge capacitors
  • Lightning arrestors
  • Rotor monitoring
  • Sealed windings

Standards and certifications:

  • API-546
  • ABS
  • DNV
  • IEC-60034
  • Others available

Flexible and long-lasting alternators and motor generators

Kato Engineering’s production processes ensure quality and reliability.

  • Automated precision winding
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) two-part epoxy insulation
  • Dynamic rotor balancing
  • ISO9001 certified
  • A continual improvement ‘perfect execution’ philosophy
  • Awarded highest quality certification by a major OEM three years running

Extensive testing capabilities ensure that your generator meets all specifications.

  • Water immersion testing for sealed insulation
  • Seismic test bases for low vibration measurement
  • Specific environment for witness testing and inspection with closed circuit monitors and performance displays in safe areas

Kato Engineering profile

Kato Engineering has been providing power for the offshore oil and gas industry since the early 1950s. On FPSOs, production platforms and drill rigs, thousands of Kato Engineering alternators are in operation worldwide.

Kato Engineering clients have ultimately included the major international oil and gas companies and many smaller producers too, as well as those who design and manufacture oil and gas equipment. The Kato™ name has become the standard for an engine or turbine-generator package.