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Rugged, Economical Shipboard Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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Powerstar manufactures customizable rugged Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Shipboard UPS) for shipboard services on oil platforms, marine vessels, and the military and homeland defense sectors.

Shipboard-adapted electronics for the offshore industry

Powerstar uses state-of-the-art, high-quality APC™ and Liebert™ motherboards in their products, which are converted and ruggedised for shipboard applications. Be safe; don’t put your sailors at risk of being shocked. Use power supplies built for the special ungrounded Delta power used at sea. Powerstar also produces units with isolation transformers internally contained within the cabinet, providing a high-level of safety and electrical noise immunity.

The company also builds military-grade versions of these units for high shock and vibration locations. It also supplies and manufactures Power Distribution Units (PDU).

The PS6003 2+2 is ideal for confined spaces. Only 457mm (18in) deep, with 2,700W output capacity, the battery tray can be remotely connected up to 3m away. See our Catalogue link for details.
The low-cost PS502-750 shipboard power strip / surge suppressor / UPS has unique power saving features.
PS1504SMT 1,000W true-sine shipboard UPS can be securely hull mounted with our foundation hardware. See our Catalogue link for details.
Up to four additional battery cabinets may be added to our 89% efficient PS3000 series true online Shipboard UPS; 500VA to 3kVA.
98% efficient PS6000rm series (1kVA to 3kVA) line interactive Marine UPS switches to backup power in <1/2 Hz (8ms). True-sine output. 2-Line text metering display shows current operating conditions / alarms for easy troubleshooting. See our Catalogue link for details.
The PS1504SS military grade 1.5kVA shipboard UPS is available for rugged shock, vibration and extreme temperature environments. We also have P2201SS 2.2kVA version. See our Catalogue link for details.
We offer three battery pack service life levels. Standard: five-year life, Premium: -20°C to 50°C ten-year life, and eXtreme: -40°C to 60°C and 12-year life

Extended battery life upgrades

Powerstar offers three ranges of battery packs for its UPS:

  • Standard packs offer 5 year life for 0° to 40°C
  • Cells with an extended temperature range -20°C to 50°C. (-h series), which offers from an 8-10 year service life, dependent on conditions
  • eXtreme series is available for floor-mounted models. Designed for severe shock and vibration-resistance, it can handle 4atm pressure. Extreme series are rated for -40°C to 60°C with a 12-year life @ 25°C, as well as a two-year shelf life without refresh charge

Low-cost shipboard UPS

Powerstar offers small, cost-efficient 330W to 425W brick shaped surge suppressor/UPS for either 120V or 230V. The lightweight PS502 line can be used for a PC, printer or any low-power requirement. A ten-year battery pack is also available, which that can double the maintenance replacement period.

The PS502 series connects via USB to inform the PC of UPS alarms and when to begin graceful shutdown upon loss of AC power.

The PS502-750 with a 525W output capacity has a power-saving feature called Green Mode Master Port, which detects lack of current and shuts down associated equipment and ports. (Think PC going into Standby, and the UPS turns off power to Display and Printer.)

Rack-mounted, double conversion UPS

Powerstar uses Liebert electronics for its shipboard online double conversion models, which offer the ability to add additional battery trays for extending runtimes. Mounting rail kits included. They all feature emergency power off connections (EPO) for connection to external fire alarm or panic button.

These units are rack-mounted, 3.5in / 2-rack unit (u) -tall, 120V or 230V models:

  • PS3070: 750VA / 525W output capacity UPS
  • PS3150: 1.5kVA / 1.35kW
  • PS3200: 2.2kVA / 1.98kW
  • PS3300: 3kVA / 2.7kW. This is also offered as a 3u toroid transformer isolated PS3300rm3u-iso in a stainless-steel chassis

Rack-mounted line interactive high-efficiency UPS

Powerstar uses the APC Smart-UPS© SMT series electronics for its PS6000rm series. The PS6000rm units offer the highest efficiencies of any UPS on the market, resulting in less heat conducted through the rack.

All can incorporate Ethernet monitoring and communication. These units range in power from 500W to 2,700W. All are 2u-tall and supplied with a rail kit for four-post rack-mounting.

The PS6000rm series are upgradable with premium battery cells, which feature a ten-year service and an operating range starting from -20°C to 50°C. With the PS9630 plug-in card, ethernet capabilities are also available.

  • PS6000rm2uSMT: 1.5kVA / 1kW output
  • PS6000iso 1.5kVA with attached isolation transformer for the ultimate in power safety and noise immunity 3u x 20in-deep (shown above)
  • PS6002rm2uSMT: 2kVA / 1.98kW EPO standard
  • PS6003rm2uSMT: 3kVA / 2.7kW EPO standard

XL series Extended run convertible UPS

Powerstar’s PS6000 XL series uses APC Smart-UPS© SMX products. A 2u / 3.5in-tall unit, the series features a larger charger to accommodate additional battery cabinets and its high-density battery packaging design offers longer runtimes compared with the standard SMT series. These units can be mounted as horizontally in a rack or vertically.

The XL series are compatible with Powerstar Premium battery packs and PS9630 Ethernet cards. Emergency power-off (EPO) contacts are standard. Optional humidity and temperature probe is available.

Powerstar’s PS6000 XL series comprises:

– PS6000rm2uXL: 1.5kVA
– PS6002rm2uXL: 2kVA
– PS6003rm2uXL: 3kVA

Rugged hull / deck mount UPS

Powerstar have a line of rugged, hull-mounted, mini-tower-shaped models, including:

  • PS1504SMT
  • PS1504SS: 1.5kVA / 984W output, 8.6in (H) x 17.6in (D)
  • PS2201SS: 2kVA / 1980W output, 17in (H) x 22in (D). The PS2201SS contains twice the battery capacity of the PS1504
  • PS6003T:3kVA / 2700W output , 17in (H) x 22in (D)

This series offers optional bolt-down / weld-down steel mounting platform with steel hoops for secure mounting and easy removal. All hardware included.

Powerstar offers five, ten and 12-year eXtreme rugged battery packs for these models. The units above all use 304 grade stainless-steel chassis to meet the MIL-S-901D/A tests for high shock and vibration-resistance.

To reduce costs, Powerstar also supplies these units with their OEM painted steel cabinets if you are not required to meet the high-shock tests.

All products listed above use the APC brand electronics. All can be equipped with Ethernet monitor cards.

Customised UPS units for confined spaces

Powerstar offers UPS units with unusual shape layouts for restricted spaces such as yacht equipment bays.

The PS6003 2+2 unit is an 18in (457mm) deep, two-piece design with the 2u battery tray separated from a 2u electronics tray, with a 2,700W capacity. PS6002 2+2 1800W also available.

The 19in-deep PS6003rm4uXL is a 2.7kW unit with a one-piece design with 4u of rack space. PS6002rm4uXL 1.8KW also available.

The PS6000-1 is a 15in-deep, 3u-tall 984W 1.5kVA UPS in MIL-S-901D/A build-stainless cabinet.

Three-phase UPS for high-power applications

Powerstar offers single, dual and three-phase UPS for high-power requirements. In addition to the single or dual-phase 6kVA / 6kW PS6006SRT unit, the company offers single, dual or three-phase WYE PS6008SRT 8kVA / 8kW and PS10000SRT 10kVA / 10kW. Delta/Wye transformers are available.

About Powerstar

Powerstar has developed solutions with engineers from Carnival, L-3, NG, GD, Electric Boat, Newport News Shipbuilding, Lockheed, Boeing, USGS Earthquake Centers and National Severe Weather Warning.

The company also produces UPS for outdoor enclosures, high-performance, long-life replacement battery packs, isolation transformers, and voltage converters. Accessories include power distribution units (PDU) and rack-mount kits. All products are UL and FCC listed.

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    Powerstar's small, lightweight, economical 120V AC UPSs come in three power ratings, 550VA, 650VA, and 750VA. You can replace non-delta power UPSs or surge suppressors with the world's lowest cost shipboard delta power UPS.

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