Turner Engine Powered Services (Turner EPS) is pleased to announce they are the newly appointed distributors for GE Transportation EMD replacement parts.

Turner Engine Powered Services (Turner EPS) is pleased to announce they are the newly appointed distributors for GE Transportation EMD* replacement parts.

From strategically located warehouses in Aberdeen and Stoke-on-Trent, where we hold stock of over £1m of EMD components ranging from cylinder heads; liners; pistons and complete power assemblies to gear trains; crank shafts; pumps and turbo chargers, Turner EPS can support EMD users across the power, marine and industrial sector… worldwide.

GE is the largest supplier of EMD* compatible products and components for the marine and stationary industries. All competitive products are of the highest quality and designed with enhanced features that are only available from Turner EPS. GE EMD* compatible components meet or exceed OEM specifications. That’s because GE have spent years analysing, validating and improving upon existing OEM designs to ensure customer satisfaction. All GE EMD* products are designed and tested using Six Sigma methodology and manufactured to ISO 9001 Standards.

GE guarantee on EMD products with Turner EPS added value

It’s got their name on it…. GE’s name is recognised worldwide for continuing quality, dependability and value for money in a multitude of industries. They don’t make these claims lightly. You have their word on it.

Turner EPS provide an added value factor to choosing GE EMD* parts… We will support them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with over 37 years of EMD experience, which makes GE EMD* competitive products the premier choice of the industry.

High performance EMD* parts from GE are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM’s specifications and are backed by industry-leading warranty coverage supported by Turner EPS.

GE builds quality into every EMD power assembly for 645 and 710 engines

GE knows power assemblies. They’ve produced tens of thousands of them, providing years of dependable service. High strength cylinder heads, long life pistons, connecting rods, carriers and piston pins, patented one-piece liners.

Working with GE and Turner EPS has its advantages

  • GE performance and reliability from remanufacturing EMD engines for over 30 years
  • Turner EPS knowledge and expertise from over 37 years experience as a former official EMD PMI and rail distributor
  • Compliance without compromise from both of us…guaranteed

*EMD is a trade designator of Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. GE and Turner EPS are not an authorised EMD distributor, nor are they otherwise associated or affiliated with EMD. However, GE does represent that its replacement parts, components, subsystems and services are compatible with and useable on EMD locomotives and engines.