This three-day course covers the critical evaluation of factors and tactics in the procurement of high-value items that help achieve on-time delivery and minimise costs and consequences associated with late delivery of these consignments.

Course information:

  • Dates: 24-26 March 2015
  • Venue: London
  • Fee: £1,860 plus VAT

By their very nature, receiving high-value items of equipment and materials on time is critical for the buying organisation.

"This course is designed for staff at all levels who are involved in the procurement and supply of high-value items."

The consequences of late delivery can have dramatic effect of the cost and timescale of overall work programmes, such as projects and major maintenance works (shutdowns / turnarounds). These high-value items are often complex in technical terms, have long delivery times, are possibly sourced from suppliers in overseas locations and experience a complex supply chain for all the necessary components.

Furthermore, depending on the delivery terms chosen for a purchase order, there can be many parties involved in moving the high-value item from the supplier to the client’s work site. Effective expediting requires that all these factors are considered from an early stage in the procurement of those items if the risk of late delivery is to be avoided or at least minimised.

This course is designed for staff at all levels who are involved in the procurement and supply of high-value items, including technical staff whose roles include the planning, specification and installation of high-value materials and equipment.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of roles and responsibilities in achieving on-time arrival of high-value items
  • Planning for on-time arrival
  • The value of good internal relationships between technical and procurment staff in achieving on-time delivery
  • Technical influences affecting timeliness of arrival
  • Key factors before award of purchase orders that can reduce the risk of late delivery
  • Applying the appropriate levels of expediting to a high-value purchase order
  • Shipping and arrival of high-value items
  • Developing an expediting plan