CP Training Consortium was formed in 1996 to provide contracting and procurement training to Shell Group companies on an outsourced basis. Since 1999, CP Consortium courses have been open to participants from any company, and the range of subjects covered has been extended dramatically in response to demand.

The company’s client base now includes organisations from a wide range of industrial sectors, such as telecommunications, cement and utilities, as well as a much broader cross-section of the oil, gas and energy sector.

Public training courses

CP Training Consortium delivers public training courses in central London and other venues in the UK. Most of the courses in the public programme are available for in-house delivery by arrangement. Participants on the company’s public courses come from all over the world and CP Training Consortium delivers in-house programmes virtually anywhere globally.

In some cases, its courses are regarded as standalone programmes, in others as complementing the client’s own training programme.

CP Training Consortium delivers public training courses in central London and other venues in the UK.
Most of the courses in the public programme are available for in-house delivery by arrangement.
In some cases, the company’s courses are regarded as standalone programmes, while others complement the client's own training programme.
CP Training Consortium offers supply chain management courses, including contracting and procurement.
Transport and logistics courses are also offered.

Training and consultancy for offshore clients

CP Training Consortium has a wide-ranging network of contacts in the training and consultancy sector, so is well-placed to deliver specialist services for its clients. The company’s training staff of independent consultants are all experienced practitioners in their areas, as well as being expert trainers.

Oil, gas and energy sector courses

Subject areas covered fall into the following categories:

  • Supply chain management, including contracting and procurement
  • Transport and logistics
  • HR practitioner staff development
  • Management development
  • Personal skills development
  • Training, coaching and staff development skills
  • Environmental and waste management
  • Institute of supply chain management qualifications

CP Training Consortium’s public courses all have a degree of focus on oil, gas and energy sector business, and its in-house programmes can be tailored to meet client specialist requirements.

CPD-accredited courses

CP Training runs a range of courses that have been accredited by the CPD Standards Office. The office recognises and independently accredits high-quality continuing professional development (CPD) provision, which meets the criteria of all types of CPD schemes and requirements. They also formally recognise both new and traditional forms of professional development, such as podcasts versus instructor-led training courses.

To ensure transparency, the CPD Standards Office is steered by an expert advisory board comprising CPD experts, academics, professional bodies and employers. Their criteria and assessment methodologies have been developed from ongoing research into CPD. They enables CPD providers to deliver CPD activities appropriate to all sectors, that are suitable for modern CPD schemes from the professional bodies and institutes.

About CP Training Consortium

CP Training Consortium is:

  • Accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC)
  • An approved centre of the Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM)
  • Accredited by OCNCredit4Learning
  • A member of the International Energy Sector Training Alliance (IESTA)

In addition to providing first-class training and development services, CP Training Consortium prides itself upon being friendly and highly responsive to its clients’ needs. The company has a policy of responding to messages within 24 hours, seven days a week, enjoys dealing with its clients on a personal level and offers a series of supporting services aimed at making trainees’ experience as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Full details of the company’s public programme are available on the CP Training Consortium website, which is always kept up-to-date.