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DNV Business Assurance Takes a Broader View on Certification

Risk Based Certification™ is DNV Business Assurance’s approach to management systems certification, and has over the years helped thousands of organisations address specific risks related to their operations. But as the world evolves, the issues that companies have to understand, manage and respond to are also changing. Companies are now increasingly being asked questions about aspects of their performance which were considered out of scope just a few years ago. These include ingredient sourcing, supply chain labour practices and water footprinting.

In order to support companies in both managing today’s risk as well as helping them prepare for tomorrow’s requirements, DNV Business Assurance customers will from 2014 have the benefit of an improved audit methodology. The Next Generation of Risk Based CertificationTM will help companies widen the scope of risk considered in a management system certification audit. Not only will they receive a certificate that demonstrates compliance with chosen standards, they will also know that their management system is a solid foundation for a more sustainable business performance and that appropriate business controls are in place in order to meet stakeholder expectations.

DNV Business Assurance CEO Luca Crisciotti says: "Long term success is only possible for organisations that create value in a sustainable way by meeting the world’s economic, social and environmental needs. The Next Generation of Risk Based Certification allows companies to direct their efforts towards all of the most relevant issues that will determine business success not just today but also in the future."

Authorities, customers, interest groups and standardisation organisations are all placing a greater responsibility on companies in the way they do business. The ISO standards are an important contributor to sustainable development, and the expectation to the coming revisions is that they will improve companies’ abilities to build sustainable business performance even further. DNV Business Assurance sees this as very constructive, and believes that our Next Generation Risk Based Certification will complement this change and help companies to be better prepared for a transition to the new standards.

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