Since its initial introduction of DPO Training into the Philippine market, IMOSTI had been at the forefront of innovative training methodology delivered by a competitive pool of DP operators as facilitators and lecturers.

Using person-to-person learning interface the whole learning environment had become a collaboration of learning between our instructor sharing his experience of DP operations and students’ curiosity about understanding DP operations and principles.

Backed with one-to-one machine interface during the DP basic induction course our students are given full-time utilisation of the DP system with training exercises that stimulate dedicated learning habits. Our technologies and experiences are real-time as it happens in the workplace, and our scheme aims to immediately transfer knowledge onboard ships to our training room.

Using a Beier IVCS 4000 DP II fully integrated with Transas NT-Pro 4000 full mission bridge, IMOSTI makes headway to deliver DPO training that creates a factual operating environment as it happens in the workplace. IMOSTI DPO training programmes allow participants to use the DP Class II system in relation to various navigational equipment such as RADAR, ECDIS and communication equipment, and practice essential bridge resource management (BRM).

Offshore safety courses

IMOSTI, to further our exposure in delivering training services for stakeholders in the oil and gas industry, has developed and operates an offshore safety training (OST) facility that accommodates a training pool, HUET training facility, an open and confined firefighting area, a cafeteria and a dormitory (M/F).

The OST facility provides courses for BOSIET, TBOSIET, FOET, Tropical-EBS and HUET. In addition, OST programmes also provide training for the qualification of blasters and painters and for safety officers.


IMOSTI is a Nautical Institute-recognised DPO training provider covering accreditation for its DPO basic induction course and advanced simulator courses. Also, with our capability to organise a real-time factual training scenario, subscribe to offer DPO training programmes with the intent of reducing DP sea-time of at least 50%.

IMOSTI Offshore Safety Training operates and delivers offshore safety courses under the accreditation of OPITO, the UK Oil and Gas Academy.