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Training Services for the Maritime and Offshore Petroleum Industries

10F Unit 1008 Aseana Two Bldg Bradco Ave,
Aseana City,
Brgy. Baclaran, Parañaque Philippines

10F Unit 1008 Aseana Two Bldg Bradco Ave,
Aseana City,
Brgy. Baclaran, Parañaque Philippines

The International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute (IMOSTI) is a human resources development organisation, which focuses on delivering safety-related personnel training and education programmes in the offshore oil and gas industry.

In addition to standard training programmes, IMOSTI also provides custom-designed courses and operation-specific scenarios as training exercises.

Maritime training and administration, safety management and business development

IMOSTI is managed and operated by leading in maritime training practitioners, whose collective experience covers training administration and management, quality and safety management, research and development, trade relations and business development.

The institute’s industry-based collaborations enable a better understanding of its client’s the training and education requirements and how to further develop their human resource programmes.

Industry-established specifications on offshore personnel training and education

IMOSTI complies with industry-established specifications on personnel training and education, while allowing ourselves to be independently evaluated by industry stakeholders. We have created a pioneering attitude towards the development of products and services that add value to our clients and their industry.

Our dedication to providing value-adding services is not only aimed at the satisfaction of our customers, but also to the promotion and preservation of the industry and to the proper formation of personnel who are working or intending to work within it.

Our success can be measured through the positive contribution of our services to our customers’ businesses, and to the professional success and development of the industry.

CNERGY International Offshore Safety Center

IMOSTI’s continuing commitment to the development of human resources in the offshore oil gas sector is highlighted through its new CNERGY International Offshore Safety Center.

This will feature what could be the largest offshore safety training facility in the Philippines and in the region. As managed by the institute, this facility will be providing offshore oil and gas safety courses under OPITO and STCW 78.

The centre is equipped with structures and equipment designed for merchant vessels and offshore installation operational scenarios, and is surrounded with edible landscaping and lush greenery for a more conducive learning experience.

Offshore safety courses

IMOSTI provides various offshore safety courses under the supervision and accreditation of OPITO International – Asia Pacific.

These courses and its implementation have undergone rigorous audit and regular evaluation to ensure conformity and consistency to industry standards.

Manual handling and manoeuvrings of offshore vessels

IMOSTI was the first supplier to deliver manual ship handling and manoeuvring programmes for offshore vessels, which are designed and developed with offshore vessel operators and owners. Successful simulation programmes include SEACOR Marine, which has been operating custom training for its deck officers using ARI-developed SEACOR ship models and operational areas.

Training deck officers on-board offshore vessels are also in the high priority of PACC Offshore Services Holdings (POSH) under a third-party training agreement with IMOSTI and Wavelink Maritime Institute to delivers simulator training in various company specific offshore vessel operations.

Dynamic position operator courses

IMOSTI delivers dynamic position operator (DPO) courses, in addition to develop them according to Nautical Institute DP Training Scheme and changes brought about by industry stakeholders.

IMOSTI complies with the latest Nautical Institute standards regarding DPO training certification requirements, having been awarded with the re-accreditation certificate last April 2015.

Consistent to our commitment for a sustained level of proficiency in delivering training, IMOSTI maintain its policy to hire and qualify instructors who are actively performing watch as DP operators.

Skills development training programmes

IMOSTI’s portfolio includes skills-based training programmes needed in the offshore oil and gas industry.

In collaboration with offshore oil and gas operators, the institute intends to deliver educational programmes for essential industry skills.

IMOSTI: Taking DPO Training a Notch Higher

Since its initial introduction of DPO Training into the Philippine market, IMOSTI had been at the forefront of innovative training methodology delivered by a competitive pool of DP operators as facilitators and lecturers. Using person-to-person learning interface the whole learning env

International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute, Inc.

10F Unit 1008 Aseana Two Bldg Bradco Ave

Aseana City

Brgy. Baclaran, Parañaque