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Online NDT Training to Help Offshore Companies Get Training

NDT training is an investment. Companies invest time and money developing skilled personnel. People invest time away from their jobs and families to gain the training they need to advance their skills and better meet the needs of their customers. WorldSpec provides a solution to help alleviate time away from work and money invested in traveling to attend NDT training programmes. provides world-class NDT training completely online. This means that people can now complete the theoretical portion of their training online and get the on-the-job training in-house, or from their employer. This is especially important for offshore companies that want to train employees without incurring the time and money lost moving them back to land.

The training meets most worldwide training specifications, including SNT-TC-1A, ISO 9712, EN 473, NAS 410, CP 189, CP 105 etc. has provided training worldwide (more than ten countries) for more than ten years. Our instructors have more than 100 years of combined experience, and each student receives a one-on-one instructor / mentor Level III to assist them in their training needs.

This program allows companies to save money on their training needs by eliminating the cost for travel, accommodations, food allowances, car rentals etc. Additionally, it benefits the offshore companies because they do not need to have their employees come to land to be able to perform their training. The students can take the training on their off-time without ever having to lose a single hour of work.

This is a revolutionary concept that will change the face of NDT training for offshore companies.

For more information, please contact WorldSpec.

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