ITI, international innovation leader in virtual system
engineering, has announced the release of the latest version of SimulationX, the software
standard for physical modeling of mechatronics systems. Version 3.3 provides numerous
functional enhancements and will be available with on-demand software licensing for the first

With the new release ITI again lives up to its name of developing the best simulation
tools in terms of handling, intuition and reliability. The palette of ready-to-use, real-time
capable models and physical components was expanded by 10%. A highlight of the
new release is the first independent SimulationX Modelica Edition. The all-in-one installation
package simplifies the installation process by installing all required program components via
a single setup automatically according to the user’s particular needs and profile.

SimulationX 3.3 is easily adjusted to the different profiles of users and is now available in two
editions: SimulationX Professional Edition and SimulationX Modelica edition. With the
Modelica edition, Modelica experts can now design and exchange individual models by using
Modelica language inside SimulationX. Users benefit from the remarkable combination of the
most user-friendly simulation software with the flexibility and formalism of a true Modelica
platform. Delivering this new edition quickly to the market, ITI has responded to the growing
demand for an open standard for exchanging models. Manufacturers, OEMs and service
providers can now design, exchange and re-use simulation models.

The even more convenient program handling safeguards the overview of the complete model
even during later changes and enhancements. Thanks to manually editable connections
between model components and highlights in colors for dynamic visualizations, the user can
immediately detect changes in the model. Quality of models and reliability of modeling results
are increased while time for validation is reduced as, for instance, deviations from admissible
values are observable at a glance.

Another enhancement in ergonomics is achieved by
additional views; the structure view and 3D model view are enhanced with additions of
documentation and text view, enabling models to be changed and enhanced directly in the
Modelica text format.

One of the highlights of the SimulationX Modelica Edition is the advanced graphic editor that
allows the user to set up the most demanding graphics in a convenient way. The improved
model explorer of the SimulationX StatechartDesigner displays the different states as well as
the transitions between them. This significantly simplifies the navigation within complex state
charts. The SimulationX 3.3 Professional Edition broadens the modeling scope with more
than 20 new model types in the power transmission library; e.g. for combustion engines,
clutches, transmission elements, cam disc mechanism, and propellers.

Many new functions
and model types are also available in the libraries: signal blocks, actuation, electronics and
magnetic. Thanks to new features in the 1D Mechanics all elastic elements such as springs
and dampers can be switched to rigid. This allows the user to analyze the model’s kinematic
behavior in a more precise and effective way.

The use of SimulationX models in real-time platforms significantly expands the possibilities in
design, prototyping and series launch of machines and plants. SimulationX 3.3 contains
interfaces to the NI real-time testing and simulation platforms LabVIEW and NI VeriStand as
well as new solvers with constant step size. This facilitates the test and optimization of the
model’s real-time capabilities without biasing the model itself.

“We are proud to be able to offer our customers real functional innovation across all
development areas. It’s not in our development plan, it’s in our new release and it’s available
now on schedule. Considering all enhancements connected with a 50% reduction in
required results storage and increased solver speeds makes SimulationX an unbeatable
modeling tool,” comments Thomas Neidhold, ITI manager software development. “SimulationX 3.3 is a genuine Modelica platform. It represents real-time capability, total user
friendliness and greatest flexibility.”