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Specialists in Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Agito's expertise lies in the modeling, analysis and simulation of hydraulic, electrical and fluid systems.


Agito’s expertise lies in the modeling, analysis and simulation of hydraulic, electrical and fluid systems. With offices located in Norway; the United Kingdom; Houston, US; and Brazil; we have local representatives that provide quality analysis of critical and complex systems. Our primary goal is to enable our clients to accurately analyse their dynamic systems.

Offshore / subsea simulation

For more than 30 years, Agito engineers have gained extensive knowledge of control systems and dynamic simulation. Our services include simulation projects, third-party reviews and verification.

Expertise in modeling and simulation

Areas where Agito has expertise in modeling and simulation include:

Agito - a key supplier to the Subsea Industry.
Areas of expertise in modeling and simulation.
Screenshot from SimulationX software: part of LWV subsea grease injection system.
Subsea control system for oil and gas production.
Virtual Prototyping of Pressure Control Head.
Digital BOP-Twin Save Expensive Testing.
SimulationX – a Virtual Laboratory.
  • Drilling and active heave compensated (AHC) systems
  • Flow capacity
  • High-integrity pressure protection system (HIPPS)
  • Subsea control systems
  • Remotely operative vehicles (ROV) launch and recovery
  • Deck machinery and lifting equipment
  • Riser isolation valves
  • Direct hydraulic (DH) tools and systems
  • Riser tension systems
  • Blowout preventer (BOP) control systems
  • Subsea chemical distribution
  • Installation and work-over control systems (IWOCS)
  • Well intervention (WI) equipment
  • Hardware in the loop (HiL)
  • Multi-domain complex systems, MBS mechanics 3D

Subsea simulation software benefits

Historically, numerical modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems was reserved for a small group of highly specialised engineers. With the advent of state of the art software programmes these tasks are much easier. The software programmes we use and distribute are designed to meet the specific needs of the offshore / subsea industry.

By using simulation software one can test a system virtually before putting it into real life test and production. Various alternative solutions can be tested, and the results will form the basis for choosing the components and dimensions to be used. Simulation software is a supplement that will help engineers to design a better product at a lower cost. In addition, it assists clients in selecting the best product.

Physical system offshore simulation software with subsea-specific libraries

SimulationX® in which Agito is distributor of to the global oil & gas marked, has been developed by ESI ITI in Germany and is the trend-setter in physical system simulation The universal CAE tool for modeling, simulation and analysis of physical effects, SimulationX includes ready-to-use model libraries for 1D mechanics, 3D multibody systems, subsea, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, electrics, electrical drives, magnetic and controls – post processing included. This software tool is unique in terms of library integration, modeling comfort and flexibility with an up-to-date user front end.

ESI ITI and Agito developed as the first universal CAE tool with a subsea-specific hydraulics and electrical (power & com) libraries, with ready-to-use standard subsea component models in order to tailor SimulationX to become the dynamic software of choice for the offshore and subsea industries.

AFT software products

AFT Software products are developed by Applied Flow Technology, located in the US. AFT products set the standards in piping network flow technology, dynamic solutions for a fluid world. Applied Flow Technology was the first company to introduce pipe flow analysis software with a geographical interface, and is able to analyse fluid systems quickly and easily.

Regional offices and local training

Agito has offices in the major offshore/subsea regions world-wide: Kongsberg, Norway; United Kingdom; Houston, Texas, US; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Training courses that are offered are:

  • General hydraulics
  • Subsea hydraulics
  • Basic simulation
  • Subsea simulation
  • SimulationX software

White Papers

Press Releases

  • Updates to SimulationX 4.1

    Agito, a provider of modelling and simulation of complex dynamic systems, is pleased to announce significant new improvements in the latest 4.1 releases of the SimulationX® software provided by ESI ITI GmbH.

  • SimulationX Subsea Library is now verified!

    Statoil's governing document TR1233, subsea production control system, contains requirements for third party verification of tools for hydraulic, electrical and optical analysis.

  • Agito Releases Free White Paper

    Agito has relesaed a free white paper on Offshore Technology. This article describes a model of a tensioning system developed with the belt drives library in combination with the Planar Mechanics library, both available in SimulationX® release 3.5.

  • New Version of SimulationX Software Released

    Agito, the worldwide distributor of offshore and subsea simulation software and dynamic simulations, is pleased to announce that ITI, a leading supplier of virtual engineering solutions, has released a new version of the SimulationX software: version 3.4. The SimulationX software is t

  • Agito Releases Free White Paper on Offshore-Technology Website

    Agito, a leading provider of offshore simulation and subsea simulation of advanced dynamic systems, has released a free white paper on the Offshore-Technology website. There is an increasing and frequent need for the injection of different types of chemicals, such as methanol, corrosion

  • SimulationX Strengthens its Position in the Oil and Gas Market

    Agito, the distributor of SimulationX® software for the offshore / subsea industry, announces that SimulationX has taken the next step to providing a complete simulation software package for subsea applications. The SimulationX subsea library is fully tested and has been used on

  • ITI's New Software Version Revolutionizes Modeling Processes

    ITI, international innovation leader in virtual system engineering, has announced the release of the latest version of SimulationX, the software standard for physical modeling of mechatronics systems. Version 3.3 provides numerous functional enhancements and will be available with on-demand so

  • SimulationX Interface Advances Model Transfer to dSPACE Real-Time

    ITI, one of the internationally leading companies in virtual system engineering, belongs to the first suppliers of an approved interface to dSpace real-time platforms. By developing the code-export interface, ITI precociously reacts on the increasing demand for physical models for HiL application

  • SimulationX Global Subsea Center Expands

    After a successful first year, we are pleased to welcome Ultra Deep, an independent consulting company, to the subsea oil and gas industry, as a member of the SimulationX Global Subsea Center team. Ultra Deep joined the team to ensure that the important North American market has a local represent

  • SimulationX Global Subsea Center

    Agito, located in the heart of Norway's sub-sea industry and ITI, a specialist in the development of standard software tools and virtual system engineering, has formed an alliance and opened the SimulationX Global Sub-sea Center. It has been established to provide offshore/sub-sea engineering exp


  • Brynhild Oil Field

    The Brynhild oil field lies in production license 148 in Block 7 of the Norwegian North Sea at a water depth of 80m.

  • Shah Deniz Stage Two, Caspian Sea

    Shah Deniz Stage Two, also known as the Shah Deniz full field development, is one of the world's biggest gas projects and will increase the gas production capacity of the Shah Deniz field by an additional 16 billion cubic metres per annum (bcma) and condensate capacity by a further 120,000 barrels a day.

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