Agito, the worldwide distributor of offshore and subsea simulation software and dynamic simulations, is pleased to announce that ITI, a leading supplier of virtual engineering solutions, has released a new version of the SimulationX software: version 3.4.

The SimulationX software is the universal CAE tool for the modelling, simulation and analysis of physical effects with ready-to-use standard subsea component models.

Highlights of SimulationX 3.4

  • 64bit version: with more than 4GB of RAM the new version perfectly supports larger models and therefore provides higher simulation performance and accuracy
  • Fully supports Modelica 3.1: SimulationX 3.4 greatly increases the efficiency of this standardised modelling language
  • New interfaces improve the flexibility of the software
  • Import of 3D mechanical structures
  • Integration of partner tool revolutionised control design
  • Platform-independent model exchange
  • New target platforms for real-time applications
  • Enhanced CAD Import: in addition to Pro / ENGINEER SimulationX 3.4 now supports SolidWorks. The enhanced CAD component-import allows the definition of geometrical dependencies
  • Enables enhanced management of model results by significantly reducing manual effort and potential for errors in the import of CAD models
  • Accelerated and simplified modelling with extensive library enhancements

This new release contains extensive modelling enhancements in the SimulationX libraries, which improve the performance for real-time models. The new version has more than 500 ready-to-use model elements and over 300 examples of models, which accelerate and simplify modeling.

With the new release ITI responds to the increasing demand for a solid simulation tool.