ITI’s SimulationX® has 100 new features that will speed up the design and development process while making it more efficient.

SimulationX is the universal CAE tool for modeling, analysing and optimizing complex systems on a single software platform; with a subsea library to meet the unique needs of this industry.

Agito the world-wide distributor of SimulationX for the offshore/subsea industry is pleased to inform you that ITI GmbH, a leading supplier of virtual engineering solutions, has released SimulationX 3.5.

  • SimulationX 3.5 has new libraries for quick simulations of planar mechanisms or vibrational and energetic analyses. Also, modeling multi-body systems is easier through enhanced visualization and interactive manipulation. The major changes in SimulationX 3.5 are:
  • New Graphical User Interface. Interactive 3D view, result windows with new layout and additional options for analyses, organisation of external libraries; new: automatic connections in the diagram view
  • SimulationX model libraries and user packages. New SimulationX model libraries, new SimulationX user packages, SimulationX library extension
  • Analysis. Homotopy operator, fixed-step solver, power balance
  • Advanced modeling. New features in the FluidDesigner
  • Interfaces. COM interface: access to natural frequency analysis and steady-state simulation; FEM import from Abaqus and MSC Nastran
  • Modelica in SimualtionX. Modelica® standard library (MSL) 3.2

SimulationX is the trend-setter in physical system simulation; with ready-to-use model libraries for 1D mechanics, 3D multibody systems, power transmission, hydraulics, pneumatics, thermodynamics, electrics, electrical drives, magnetics as well as controls – post-processing included. The tool is unique in terms of library integration, modelling comfort and flexibility with an up-to-date user front-end.

To make SimulationX the dynamic software of choice for the offshore / subsea library ITI and Agito jointly developed the subsea library with ready to use standard subsea component models, such as: surface hydraulic and subsea hydraulic power units, subsea valves – subsea gate valves and subsea ball valves, umbilicals, subsea control modules and subsea compensators – spring loaded piston compensator, spring loaded diaphragm compensator and bladder compensator.

SimulationX, the first universal CAE tool with a subsea specific library, has quickly become the software of choice for complex dynamic analysis in the offshore/subsea industry.