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ASL Shipyard Launches Heavy-Duty Cutter Dredger in Singapore

ASL Shipyard has launched the ‘Al Jarraf’, a sea-going heavy-duty cutter dredger, owned by the Middle East Dredging Company (MEDCO), formerly known as Qatar Dredging Company (QDC), in Singapore. The Al Jarraf, which means ‘the dredging vessel’ in Arabic, is specifically designed for the use in the Gulf Region.

The vessel is a self-propelled dredger, able to sail on its own power between various working locations within the Gulf, without the assistance of powerful tugboats. At the same time, the new cutter dredger is of the heavy-duty type – featuring no less than 12,860kW of total installed power.

The combination of these two characteristics is a MEDCO trump card for competitive dredging of hard rock formations that are typical in Gulf waters.