fish farming construction

Norner contributes in building the world’s largest closed fish farming construction in polyethylene.

With more than 35 years of experience working in plastics, Norner AS has been an important partner for ØPD Group and Preline Fishfarming Systems AS, in building the world largest closed fish farming construction in polyethylene.

Preline Fishfarming System

The entrepreneur Rune Maabø has worked 15 years with his dream, to design a closed fish farm. During these days, the dream has come through and the first commercial fish farm construction from Preline is ready for hand over to Lerøy Vest AS.

A smaller scale prototype has been thoroughly tested in the Hardangerfjord, with positive results and been the basis for deciding to make a large scale fish farm construction.

Construction and design

  • The new installation has big dimensions. With a length of 55m and a volume of 2,000m³, it will accommodate between 100 and 200,000 salmon of up to 1kg in size
  • The construction is made of polyethylene build by ØPD Group in Telemark/Norway and is probably the biggest construction ever build in this material
  • The design furthermore includes several benefits for environmental and quality improvement of salmon farming such as a wastewater handling system, intake of fresh, clean water from 30m with constant low-temperature, as well as keeping salmon swimming against a water current

Norner AS – independent polymer institute

  • "The plastic competence in the Grenland region in very high and unique and to benefit from this by using specialists from companies here has been crucial for the project," says Nils Johan Tufte, MD of ØPD Group.
  • Norner AS has contributed to the project from the start in 2009 with plastics know-how, preparation of procedures for control and documentation and performed pre-qualification assignments related to the plastic material and its functionality.

Norner AS congratulates Preline Fishfarming Systems AS, Lerøy Vest and ØPD Group with the new installation.

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